slam/spoken word poetry.

a depressed otaku boy's shitty poems (:


15. bulletproof bulletpoints

(wrote this completely out of anger. get ready for some frustration, a lil laughs, and something everyone can relate to. this is one of my slam poems, and i have never been so mad while writing before, i swear.)


yay! another day in hell

i mean-


i won't lie

i'm not the smartest student

my gpa is a 2.8

i've never been on the honor roll

what's my favorite class?


who cares if christopher columbus sailed the ocean?

who cares about the silk road?

who cares if a verb is direct or indirect

transitive or instransitive

and dammit, who cares if the earth is round?

most teachers don't even teach

hand you a worksheet and the lesson is over

my mother says grammar is for writers

tell me,

do authors mention if a word is an

object of a preposition?

in school

sexualities are divided up

you're either

heterosexual or homosexual

or you're closeted and scared of what people will think

pansexual, bisexual, demisexual, asexual

or people assume that you're

heterosexual or homosexual

either way, they won't be stopped

the anti-bullying club has no affect

alright, let's move onto uniforms

school system,

are we not allowed to express ourselves?

will you dress that boy in a suit

on a hot august's day

until there is sweat trickling down his back

and his hair is damp and towel-like

or will you dress that girl in a jumper

on a cold december's morning

until she has to pull up her knee socks

to cover her legs and her plaid skirt is ripped

until she can see her own breath

don't make my write bulletpoints

because i am not bulletproof

i am not bulletproof

all school is

is a waste of education

filled with notecards and detention slips

i will burn those damn textbooks to the ground

and i don't care

if i have to bury myself alive with it

stop telling my i can do better

when i've already done my best

i'm sorry i don't get straight a's

i'm sorry i lose my homework

i'm sorry i'm not smart

i'm sorry i'm not smart

i'm sorry i'm not smart

no, i will not apologize for my opinion

do not tell me how to behave

do not tell me how i feel

i will act of my behalf

the system is screwed

i will not be silent

i will not wait until graduation

i will not wait to feel

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