slam/spoken word poetry.

a depressed otaku boy's shitty poems (:


21. break.

there's a euphoric-like energy that flows around the air

on sundays, especially

i consider myself to be a neutral-feeling person

with no such thing as emotions to toy around with.

even when the seemingly endless anxiety-filled nights corrupt my head

and the wind jutting through the fine threads of my clothing

with evenings spent with knees pulled up to my chest against locker doors

and the flickering but wanting feeling of hope

mornings woken up with trembling lips and the hauntingly violent screams in my head

beckon me once again,

there are breaks.


yes, there are breaks, and how precious they are.


on sundays i will experience the relieving smile

beaming with teeth so rare to be seen

and a cast of laughter so extravagantly being.

these days remind me that i am still breathing

even though i often feel like i'm not.



keep in mind i wrote this on a saturday, ironically. and also thank you for all the support on my writing. i actually recently got accepted into an art school for music, drama, visual art, creative writing, etc. 1100 applicants and only 15 people picked for the creative writing conservatory, one of them being me! ur boi is doin good !! anyways, since i'll be going to an art school busy writing, expect a lot of poems from me!

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