Short Stories

A collection of short stories, that often cloud my thoughts.
Anything from romance, horror and everything in between.


1. Casual Monday

Today was just like any other day. Except, it wasn't. You see, instead of getting in my car, driving to work, and listening to mindless babble; I walked to my boyfriend's house. I'm gonna fill you in on a secret, I should've went to work.

I should've sat at my desk, in my cramped, grey, and vaguely empty cubicle. My fingers should've been typing away at my keyboard, filling out spread sheets, for my overweight boss who sweats profusely, even while standing in front of the air conditioner for hours. My ears should be hearing, the ringing of constant telephones and fax machines going all at once. Between that and the mindless conversations about office hook ups, mixed in with giggles over the water guy's biceps; my headache should be here already.

But yet, here I am. Sitting in the middle of Eric's bed. No headache, a wine glass in my left hand, and a cigarette in my right. As I bring it up to my lips, I breathe in the chemicals I know will one day kill me. Then not a moment too soon, I blow out the excess smoke. Smiling to myself, I think over the last few hours.

I arrived at his place, a little after nine. The only reason I remember that, was because when I walked in the news was blaring in his living room. Figuring that's where he was, I walked the few feet from the door to peek around the corner of the kitchen entrance. The TV was on, but the couch and room were empty. That's when I heard the giggling. 

Following the voices, it lead me to the bedroom. Once I opened the door, I'll admit I was shocked. But then it hit me full force, I was no longer astonished. Now I was simply eerily calm. Eric tried to reassure me, that the busty brunette laying next to him; was simply his masseuse.

"Than why are her clothes on the floor as well?" I asked while leaning against the door frame. 

As if embarrassed about the whole situation, she got up clutching the comforter to her chest. He tried to get her to stay, but I wasn't having it. That's when my mind, finally cracked. I closed the door behind me, locking it in the same swift movement. I walked over to her, my hands grabbing her arms tightly; pulling her from the bed. I threw her weight on the floor, before Eric grabbed me. 

Everything happened it seemed; in slow motion. But something tells me it really didn't. My elbow flew back, making contact with his gut. He exhaled a loud grunt, but held me firmly, trying to get me to calm down.

"Stop! What're you doing?!" he screamed in my ear. With his arms wrapped tightly around my chest, I brought my head down, biting hard into his forearm. I never let go, biting down harder as he screamed out profanities. He pushed me away, I could taste iron in my mouth. I caught myself on the bedside table, wiping the blood from my lips before grabbing the lamp. 

"What the fuck?!" he screamed while holding the area around the bite mark. The brunette made her way from the door, to his side. She had gotten dressed it seemed.

"You didn't say she was crazy!" she screams, wrapping his shirt around the wound. But that was it. The calm was now replaced with anger. My grip tightened around the blue lamp, holding the base, feeling the curves of detail cut into my palm. I pulled, bringing it up over my head and swung hard with all my weight, onto the back of her head.

She fell forward, unconscious. Eric looked from me, to her in short glances. Up until now, I had just planned on dumping him. But this? This felt more natural. After he turned his gaze away again, he stared at the now blood coated lamp. He brought his hand up, grabbing the wrist which held it. He tried to pull it out of my grasp, but I brought my other hand down onto his wounded forearm. Digging my nails into the fabric covering the bite mark. He sharply inhales before retrieving the lamp from my hand.

I back up from the force, causing him to fall backward. His head hits the corner of his bedside table. Walking swiftly toward the bed, I bend my leg bringing it up. Kneeling over him, my knees dig into his chest holding him to the bed. He drops the lamp, trying to push me off. I grab onto it, he reaches over holding my hand in place. I jerk my knee forward, slamming it into his jaw. He groans, moving his head to the side. 

His hand loosens around mine, without hesitation I bring my hand up. Slamming the base of the lamp, onto his head. Warm liquid hits my face, as I hit him again, and again, and again. Soon my hair is dampened with his blood. My arm falls limp at my side, as I heave out heavy breaths. His muscles are no longer tightened under me, his body no longer rigid and moving. 

A soft groan reverts my attention from him, to the girl on the floor. She struggles to pick herself up, bringing one of her hands to the back of her head. I throw myself onto her, causing her face to hit the floor hard. Hearing a crack, I assume her nose is broken. She wiggles underneath me, trying to crawl away from me. She screams, asking for me to stop. Calling out for help, till I slam the lamp onto her head. 

Her cries stop, after I bring the lamp back up. With it raised above my head, I listen as she takes a quick intake of breath. It sounds like she's choking on something, when I hear her try to scream again. I drop the lamp, grabbing her wet hair. I lift her head, slamming her face onto the floor. Her hands try to reach back at my hands. Clawing away at them, before I'm slamming her head down again. 

As I ram it down repeatedly, her hands slowly start to dwindle down. Until just like Eric, she's no longer moving. No longer breathing. I let go of her hair, letting her head fall to the floor with a thud. My stomach is in knots. I look around me, everything is caked in blood. My legs pick me up, and bring me to the bathroom.

I strip myself down, getting into the shower. The warm water under my feet turns pink, as I let the blood rinse from my hair. The calming feeling I had earlier returns. With a sigh, I get out dressing myself in a towel. I walk to the kitchen grabbing a wine glass, filling it with the red wine in the freezer. Walking to the kitchen window, I lean over grabbing the pack of smokes hidden under the empty flower pot.

My walk down the hall, back to the bedroom; is cold. Once I step inside, the bodies I left here earlier; are still there. Leaning back against the main post, I light the cigarette. As my legs lay over Eric's dead body, I smile.

"Finally got to drink your wine dick. You never let me have one sip. Asshole." I mutter while taking a huge gulp. It burns going down, then the taste hits me.

"It's not even that good Eric." I stare at his bloody corpse.

"I wonder why you chose her? Is it cause her boobs are bigger than mine?" I crane my neck, to stare at her.

"You know. I never even learned her name. I bet she was your late night meetings." taking another puff off the cigarette, I sigh.


A shrill ring breaks my thoughts. I answer my phone from my car,

"Yes?" I answer not paying attention to the caller I.D.

"Are you coming into work today? You're gonna be late." I bring the phone from my ear, to stare at the time.

"Yes. I'm on my way." I answer before hanging up with my cubicle buddy. Driving away from my home, I smile. Wouldn't it be nice, if I really had stayed home today?

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