Sacrs are not wounds, but stories that have not yet been told. Cover by Moosey.


3. Four Years Gone

All seem quiet and calm at Camp, as Rhianna ran around, following a bee, and Jason sat on a rock and coloured. 

Rhianna went cross-eyed as the bee landed on her nose. She coaxed the bee onto her finger and rubbed it's tiny back with her index finger. "Sparky," she whispered, "I tamed a bee! look!"

Jason looked up. "You tamed a what?"

"A bee!"


"Yeah! I'mma keep it!" Rhianna stared at the bee. "You're a pretty bee," she told the bug.

The older campers laughed as Rhianna marvelled at the bee. 

"Ms. Woodstock, Can I have a terrarium for my pet bee? Please? I have enough denarii to pay for it!"

The Praetor laughed. "Of course you can. It'll be two denarii. I'll go down there and buy it for you."

Rhianna handed over the money, then plopped down beside Jason. 

"Do you wanna pet her?"

Jason nodded and held his index finger out to caress the bee. His eyes lit up as the bee made contented buzzing sounds when he or Rhianna touched it. 

"Her name's Honeysuckle!"

Ms. Woodstock returned with the terrarium. Jason and Rhianna ran around, collecting things to put in the terrarium. They made a little beehive sleeping area for Honeysuckle. Finally, they added the bee. She flew around, buzzing happily. Rhianna laughed as she watched the bee. 

Soon after, Rhianna's massive cat, no, Smilodon, came bounding out of the woods, carrying a frizzbee. Rhianna wrestled the frizzbee out of Snuffy's mouth, and threw it again.



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