Sacrs are not wounds, but stories that have not yet been told. Cover by Moosey.


2. Disasters Only Too Stupid To Be Fake

It was Rhianna's second birthday. She laughed at an older demigod as he tried to hang a banner up. 

Behind her, Jason watched another kid put down a stapler to tie a few balloons. Jason thought, "Hey, that thing looks appetising! I'll go taste it." He walked over to the stool that the stapler sat upon and grabbed it. He tried to bite down on it, but the stapler pressed a staple into his bottom lip. He yelled out in pain, and Rhianna stopped laughing. She ran over as fast as her tiny legs could carry her, calling, "Jwason! Jwason! Wha wong?!"

An Apollo camper rushed over, and took the staple out of Jason's bottom lip, Rhianna holding Jason's hand the whole time. 

A few hours later, the party was over. Rhianna was still worried about Jason. She kept hugging him and saying, "Ownly gonna weave a scawr! I pwomise!!!"

He would reply with, "I fine, Whibee, I fine! Wet gwo of me!"


A/N: Sorry it was so short but I've got a bad case of writer's block......

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