Maria [Season 1]

When at a rock concert on a Friday night, Maria finds herself thrown into the heavy metal music world. Surrounded by girls, drugs and rock shows, Maria soon becomes part of a runaway train hell bent for the top, but held back by the singers tortured psyche and a disaster that hit far too close to home...


46. Scene 5



The scene reopens in Nikki’s flat, but it’s now morning. Both Nikki and Maria are laid only in their underwear. Nikki rolls over and groans, his hand flailing for his phone. He grabs it and unlocks the screen.


Nikki: Shit!


Maria: (waking suddenly) what? What?


Nikki: Six missed calls from Kenny (he puts the phone to his ear) I hope everything’s OK (Kenny picks up) Dude? What’s up?


Kenny: (happily) Nothing! Reece is awake! Get your pants back on, that goes for Maria too, and get your asses over here!


Nikki: On it (he hangs up and turns to Maria) Reece is awake! We gotta go see him!


Maria: That’s great! But I can’t, mum left me a message, there’s a cop at home wanting to see me and I need to get there ASAP.


Nikki: Oh. That’s OK. I’ll give you a ride home and I’ll go to see Reece, then I’ll come pick you up later. Text you’re mum and say you’ll be half an hour (he pulls on his shirt)


Maria: Thank you.


The scene changes to outside Maria’s house. She kisses Nikki, making it last, then jogs up to her house. Nikki watches her enter then drives away, eager to see Reece.


The scene switches to inside Maria’s house.


Maria: I’m home, mum.


M.Mum: Hi dear, this is Detective…


Maria: Mildrew, we’ve met.


Mildrew: And my partner, Miller. I’m here about Amie.


Maria: (harshly) still suspect my boyfriend?


Mildrew: (smiling) more so than ever. The post-mortem on Amie revealed her cause of death…


Maria: And…?


Mildrew: She died of a cocaine overdose.


Maria’s face falls and Mildrew smiles, a private victory etched across his face. The scene fades.


'No, not gonna die tonight. We're gonna stand and fight forever'

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