Maria [Season 1]

When at a rock concert on a Friday night, Maria finds herself thrown into the heavy metal music world. Surrounded by girls, drugs and rock shows, Maria soon becomes part of a runaway train hell bent for the top, but held back by the singers tortured psyche and a disaster that hit far too close to home...


40. Scene 5


Maria is sat on the sofa reading a magazine. Her mum arrives home.


M. Mum: Hey.


Maria: Hey, mum. Good day?


M.Mum: Not bad. How’s your rocker friend?


Maria: Nikki? He’s OK. His mate’s been driven into and he’s in a coma…


M.Mum: The Reece guy? Hell, that band have had a bad day.


Maria: (putting down her magazine and turning to her mum) How would you feel if I was dating Nikki?


M.Mum: After he’s been proven to be a druggie? I’d be pissed. Why?


Maria: ‘Cause I kinda am…


M.Mum: Oh, Maria!


Maria: He isn’t a bad guy!


M.Mum opens her mouth to protest but the phone rings. She disappears off into the hallway and we hear her muffled responses of ‘yes’, ‘what’, ‘oh god’, ‘are you sure?’ and ‘thank you’. We hear her put the phone down then she reenters the room.


M.Mum: Maria. I’m so sorry. They’ve found Amie’s body…


Both begin to cry as the scene fades…

      'Nine lives, nine times to die. I've been bitten once, but I won't be twice shy'  


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