Maria [Season 1]

When at a rock concert on a Friday night, Maria finds herself thrown into the heavy metal music world. Surrounded by girls, drugs and rock shows, Maria soon becomes part of a runaway train hell bent for the top, but held back by the singers tortured psyche and a disaster that hit far too close to home...


33. Scene 3

The scene returns to Nikki’s flat. It is later on and he is getting ready to go out. He is standing in the hallway, looking into the mirror and trying in vain to do something with his hair. We hear a key turn in the lock and Maria walks in, wearing a short dress and a beautiful necklace. Her face is made up and her hair is straightened.


Nikki: I was hoping to eat my food, not stare at you.


Maria: (laughs) tough. Are you ready yet?


Nikki: Just trying to sort my hair.


Maria: I thought it was the woman that was meant to take ages on her hair?


Nikki: (gesturing to her hair) you did take ages. I just think you started earlier than me (he looks back in the mirror and sighs) that’ll do. Let’s go.


They both walk out to the car and the scene soon merges to a posh restaurant, where Nikki is perusing the menu with a look of both bewilderment and distaste.


Maria: What do you want?


Nikki: Food, but it seems they don’t serve that here.


Maria: (laughing) you picked the place.


Nikki: I did. And it has everything I picked it for. It’s a romantic setting, it’s cosy, the tables are nice and spacious. I just didn’t expect reading the menu to be like trying to decipher the Rosetta Stone.


Maria: You’ve been to too many museums.


Nikki: My dad worked in one. I got dragged there every Saturday until I was 14. Normally I guess that’d have been OK, but my dad’s a dick. As you well know.


Waitress: Hello there. Are you ready to order.


Maria: Yes please. Can I have the griddled fillet of black bream, please. With a glass of coke.


Waitress: Of course. Normal or diet.


Nikki: She’ll have normal.


Maria: Excuse me?


Nikki: I refuse to let you drink that god-awful concoction they call diet coke.


Maria: (turning to the waitress) excuse my boyfriend, him and his coke is like James Bond and his vodka martinis. I’ll have normal.


Waitress: (smiling) and you sir?


Nikki: I’ll have the same, please. Bream is fish, right?


Waitress: Yes.


Nikki: Then I’ll have the same. Thank you.


The waitress smiles and leaves.


Maria: (looking at Nikki quizzically) What are you staring at?


Nikki: (looking straight out of the window) you see that woman across the street?


Maria: (turning to look) yeah?


Nikki: She’s the one who raped Dan. Wait here.


Maria: (standing) you’re not confronting her alone.


Nikki: No, I’m not. The rest of them aren’t far away. I asked them to be close just in case she turned up. Now you have to wait here, OK?


Maria: (sitting, but visibly unhappy about it) fine.


Nikki: (turning and heading towards the exit) I love you (he pulls out his phone and calls Dan)


Dan: Hello.


Nikki: She’s here.

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