Maria [Season 1]

When at a rock concert on a Friday night, Maria finds herself thrown into the heavy metal music world. Surrounded by girls, drugs and rock shows, Maria soon becomes part of a runaway train hell bent for the top, but held back by the singers tortured psyche and a disaster that hit far too close to home...


5. Scene 3

The band, DYING BREED, are in their tour bus riding to the next venue.


Nikki: How the hell’d we get a tour bus.


Dan Stringer: Robbed a bank prob’ly.


Nikki: You in the business of robbing banks, Dan?


Dan: Depends on the profit.


Kenny Krutz: Hope they looked after my fuck’n bass. It’s my pride and fuck’n joy.


Nikki: Jesus Christ Kenny stop with the language! You were the most mild mannered lad in the school but as soon as you get your name on a record every other word that comes out of your mouth is a curse. It’s not cool, y’know.


Reece O’ Connor: (rolls over) Guy’s got a point. We don’t have to create a yobby image do we now?


Kenny: Sure, whatever.


Dan: And let’s not end up like Motley Crue. Them guys nearly screwed up their hopes with their fallouts.


Nikki: Screwed up their hopes? If Sixx hadn’t fired Vince then they could have got to new heights. Bon Jovi heights.


Dan: Fired? You mean he quit?


Nikki: Vocalist will always side with vocalist (smiles) Anyway, there’s more evidence to say he was fired than Sixx’s poxy ‘he quit’ excuse.


Kenny: Yeah, yeah man OK. Just ‘cause you ain’t a Nikki Sixx fan.


Reece: And he bloody should be since he’s named after him!


Nikki: Reece. Shut your fuck’n mouth. I’d rather be called Vince.


Kenny: (accusingly) Now who’s using yobby language?


Nikki: Moderation, man. Moderation is the key.



The scene switches to the venue where DYING BREED are headed. Maria and Amie are queuing outside in the cold. They both wear scarves and gloves but have insisted on stylish clothes, which unfortunately consists of thin, leather-style coats.


Amie: (shivers) These guys better be good.


Maria: They are, I checked out some of the amateur vids of their performances on YouTube. Wait till you see the singer. Man that guys hot.


Amie: You gonna fuck him?


Maria: If the opportunity arises I can’t say I won’t accept. He seemed pretty decent when I met him anyways.   


Amie: Hmmmm. I guess I’ll have to shag one of the other members then.


Maria: The drummer’s a man whore apparently. If he’s hot I reckon you got him hook, line and sinker.


Amie: Yeah. But I bet he’s one of those hairy chested guys.


Maria: Oh no. Not this again. It’s disgusting.


Amie: (laughs) You asked.


Maria: Yeah. I asked ‘what have you been doing with your boyfriend’ and ‘what is his body like’.


Amie: Yeah. And I said ‘shagging’ and ‘he’s a hairy bastard’. I kinda broke up with him because of his hairiness. And the fact he couldn’t lay with me without humping (laughs)


Maria: Stop.


Amie: I bet you’ve fantasized! (laughs)


Maria: Just no. I’d rather fantasize about having all of my hair shaved off then shoved up my arse (looks up and sees a tour van with the name DYING BREED amateurly spray-painted down the side) The guys are here! My plan succeeds. I wanted to get here early to see him before the show.


Nikki, Dan, Kenny and Reece step out of the back as another van arrives, a bigger one, carrying mainly equipment. Maria abandons her place in the line and runs to Nikki, leaving Amie standing alone.


Maria: Nikki!


Nikki: (looks up) Hey, Maria! You made it! Looking forward to the show? We’ve been allocated thirty-five minutes before we have to get our arses off the stage.


Maria: Yeah! Hey, I want you to meet my friend: Amie.


Amie overhears and reluctantly heads over, reinstating her ‘shy girl’ persona for the guys.


Amie: Hey.


Nikki: (holding out his hand) I’m Nikki, this is Dan, Kenny and Reece.


Amie shakes it and blushes.


Kenny: C’mon, Nikki. We can’t leave these girls in the freezing cold. Can’t they come in the back with us?


Nikki: That’s a great idea, K. Just keep your dick in your pants, OK?


Kenny: Always.


Dan: You lie.

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