Maria [Season 1]

When at a rock concert on a Friday night, Maria finds herself thrown into the heavy metal music world. Surrounded by girls, drugs and rock shows, Maria soon becomes part of a runaway train hell bent for the top, but held back by the singers tortured psyche and a disaster that hit far too close to home...


26. Scene 2

Dan is inside Nikki’s hotel room, sat on the single bed that is under the window. Nikki and Maria are sat on the other bed, listening. Both are now dressed.


Dan: I cheated on her. I actually fucking cheated. But I wouldn’t cheat, I know I wouldn’t cheat (he stares at Nikki, as if expecting some sort of explanation from him)


Maria: Well, evidently you did cheat. I’m presuming you woke up in bed with the woman, yes?


Dan: Yeah, but I wouldn’t cheat.


Nikki: Were you drunk, high?


Dan: Neither. Unless she drugged me.


Maria: Of all the men in the bar why would she choose to drug you?


Dan: I’m not that bad.


Nikki: Did she get near your drink at any point?


Dan: (thinking) yes! Yes she did! There was this moment where she put her hand over my glass to stop me drinking it! That bitch drugged me!


Nikki: OK, look I’m gonna call Kenny and Reece and we can see what they think we should do from here.


Maria: (standing) good idea. And I have to go, mum wants me home. I’ll see you later, Nikki (she kisses him on the cheek and leaves the room. We hear the door click shut)


Dan: Oh my god I cheated on my girlfriend! (he puts his head in his hands)


Nikki shakes his head and picks up his phone. He waits and then Kenny answers.


Nikki: Get over to my hotel room now. Dan’s got a problem. Tell Reece to get his ass over here too. (he hangs up)


Dan: Short and sweet.


Nikki: Like your relationship if we don’t sort this shit out fast. Now, while Kenny and Reece are getting here, think. Are there any details that you forgot to share with me?


Nikki stands and heads for the bathroom, leaving Dan lost in thought. The screen fades and then opens again. We hear a knock on the door and Nikki comes out of the bathroom and opens it, welcoming in Reece and Kenny.


Reece: What’s happened?


Dan: I cheated on my girlfriend.


Kenny: The fuck?


Nikki: (turning to Dan) is that really the best way to introduce this problem? I mean, you’re almost bragging it.


Reece: Dan, care to explain in detail?


Kenny: You perv!


Reece: Not that kinda detail, you dickhead, I meant detail as in ‘what the fuck actually happened’.


Nikki: He is pretty sure he was drugged since the memory of the night before is rather fuzzy and he claims to have not drunk much.


Kenny: We’ve all tried that one, mate.


Dan: No, I’m serious. She put her hand over my drink and everything after I finished that pint is fuzzy. The clearest memory after that is waking up this morning and absolutely shitting myself.


Reece: The question is, how many pints had you had before that (sniggers)


Nikki: This is serious guys. You know Dan, he’s like me. He hates cheats.


Kenny: Nikki’s right. Dan, do you know this woman’s name?


Dan: No, but (hesitates)


Nikki: But what?


Dan: She’s kinda locked in my hotel room.


Reece: Jesus fucking Christ! (turning and opening the door) lead the way, Danny boy.


Dan heads for the door and turns right. Nikki, Reece and Kenny exchange glances before following him.

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