Maria [Season 1]

When at a rock concert on a Friday night, Maria finds herself thrown into the heavy metal music world. Surrounded by girls, drugs and rock shows, Maria soon becomes part of a runaway train hell bent for the top, but held back by the singers tortured psyche and a disaster that hit far too close to home...


48. Scene 1


The scene opens in Dan’s garage. We have Arthur sat with Reece, lost in discussion, and Dan and Nikki sat separate, evidently having their own private talk. Kenny walks in and removes a letter from his pocket.


Kenny: Hey guys, check this.


Nikki: (turning) what is it?


Kenny: A letter, from none other than Horbury High, asking us to perform at their prom.


Nikki: (shocked) Horbury? That’s where we went!


Kenny: I know, and apparently the school band requested us specially because they are, and I quote, ‘amazed by our success from the years in high school to the years out on the road’.


Dan: Success? Bit generous, isn’t it?


Reece: Not now, I hear. Apparently we have an offer from a major label, according to Arthur.


Kenny: That we do, old chum. And Arthur, I feel really bad saying this but, Reece is our drummer.


Arthur: I know man. But it was fun hanging with you guys so, if you ever need a drummer, be that due to him being injured or him quitting or whatever, call me first, OK?


Nikki: (standing and shaking Arthur’s hand) Deal.


Arthur: Thank you. I’ll be off then. You got my number, Nikki?


Nikki: I have indeed.


Arthur: Awesome, I’ll see you around then! (he leaves)


Kenny: So what’re we gonna say to Horbury?


Dan: Say yes! Think of all the hot, skimpily dressed, barely-legals.


Nikki: Who have boyfriends.


Dan: Die.


Kenny: (laughs) it’s a good enough reason as any. Let’s go see the ‘Director’.


Nikki: You guys can. I gotta go talk to Maria, OK?


Reece: Go for it, lovebird. We’ll meet you here at lunch.


The scene changes and we see Nikki ringing Maria’s doorbell. She answers almost instantly.


Maria: Mum’s in. She’s ill.


Nikki: Oh. I hope she’s OK soon.


Maria: She will be, it’s just the flu. What do you want?


Nikki: To see you.


Maria: I’m really busy, Nikki. Coursework and stuff.


Nikki: That was sudden. You didn’t have anything the other day/


Maria: I know, I feel exactly the same way.


Nikki: We’re performing at the prom of the high school me and Kenny attended in a few nights. Got a special request from the school band who, judging by the comments on the letter, have super-duper man crushes on us.


Maria: Well, good luck with that, then. Nikki I’m sorry but I gotta get back to work, OK.


Nikki: No problem (he kisses her quickly) I love you.


Maria: Yeah (she smiles and closes the door)


We see Nikki walk away, looking mildly worried.

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