Maria [Season 1]

When at a rock concert on a Friday night, Maria finds herself thrown into the heavy metal music world. Surrounded by girls, drugs and rock shows, Maria soon becomes part of a runaway train hell bent for the top, but held back by the singers tortured psyche and a disaster that hit far too close to home...


25. Scene 1

The scene opens where CASTAWAY left off, Nikki and Maria asleep in her hotel room. We see Maria’s phone light up and vibrate on the bedside table but she doesn’t stir. A few seconds after it rings off Nikki rolls over and accidentally flops his hand on her face. Maria wakes up with a start.


Maria: Seriously?


Nikki: (muffled) What?


Maria: You just slapped me in the face. When was the last time you shared a bed?


Nikki: With a girl? Too long ago (he rolls over her and grabs his phone)


Maria: You are like the worst person to be in bed with.


Nikki: No what you said last night (smiles mischievously)


Maria: (punches him) behave.


Nikki: Not what you said last…


Maria: (interrupting) shush (leans over and picks up her phone) shit I have seven missed calls from mum!


Nikki: Now that, that is a problem I have never had to put up with.


Maria: (getting out of bed) it isn’t funny. I am in so much shit, I gotta call her back!


Maria walks over to the other side of the room, putting her phone to her ear. She is visibly worried and is pacing the room.


Jane/M. Mum: Nice of you to call.


Maria: (guiltily) sorry mum.


Jane: Who’d you sleep with?


Maria: No one! I slept in a room with someone, but I didn’t fuck them.


Jane: (scolding) Maria! What a horrible way of putting it.


Maria: Sawwy.


Jane: Get home as soon as you can, OK. I was worried about you.


Maria: Sorry mum. Love you.


Jane: Hmm (she hangs up)


Nikki: That wasn’t too bad.


Maria: (turns to him) Shut up.


There is a knock at the door. Maria and Nikki exchanged puzzled glances before Nikki gets out of bed and they both head to the door. Nikki is in his boxers and Maria has thrown on a night gown. When they open it, Dan stands outside.


Dan: (panicked) I cheated on my girlfriend!


Nikki: Well shit.

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