Maria [Season 1]

When at a rock concert on a Friday night, Maria finds herself thrown into the heavy metal music world. Surrounded by girls, drugs and rock shows, Maria soon becomes part of a runaway train hell bent for the top, but held back by the singers tortured psyche and a disaster that hit far too close to home...


12. Scene 1

The scene opens where PILOT left off. The three band members are in the room with Amie on the floor. She is fitting.

Dan: (fumbling with his phone) I’m calling an ambulance I’m calling an ambulance. Oh Jesus Christ! Jesus Christ!


Kenny: Stop.


Nikki: Are you fucking insane? She. Is. Going. To. Die. Don’t you see that you stupid fuckwit?


Kenny: Look at her. She’s stopped breathing. We notify anyone of this and we’ll all go to prison. All of us.


Nikki: (begins CPR) I’d rather die in prison than be responsible for the death of an innocent girl! (he keeps pumping her chest but gets no response. The band members all stand around, looking at him)


Reece: Kenny’s right.


Nikki: (standing and rounding on them) So what’s the plan? Dump the body, live the rest of our lives with this hanging over our heads? Huh?


Kenny: I know a friend who has a boat. I’ll take her and dump her in the ocean. She won’t be found.


Nikki: (punches Kenny) You bastard! You fucking bastard!


Kenny: Just trust me on this, OK. Trust me (goes and locks the door) we just need to keep our story straight.


Nikki: Am I the only one who’s against this? (turns to the rest of the band) I said am I the only one?


Kenny: Dude. Stop. The girl is dead, OK. The girl is dead. We have to live with that fact, regardless of what happens next. However, we do have a choice; we can either call an ambulance which, by the time it arrives, will be too late, or sort this mess out ourselves. I propose we sort this out ourselves.


Nikki: You’re insane.

Kenny: No, no I’m not. Look man, I’m thinking of you too. You’ve done all this in a vain attempt to make your deadbeat parents proud of you. You’ve got a band, you’ve toured with Alice Cooper, you’ve achieved so much to lose it over a mistake made by your stupid bandmates. And yes, you weren’t even involved in the drugs that killed her, hell, you weren’t even here when she took them. But you’ll go down too.


Nikki: Yeah, I’ll go down. I’ll go down because you kept us here too long and she died. I’ll go down because it looks like I was trying to cover it up to let my bandmate get away. You’ve backed me nicely in a fucking corner now and there’s nothing I can do about it!


Dan: Nikki’s right. If me and him had called the ambulance in the first place, only you two would’ve got it big time. But this way you’ve made it so that if we alert the police we get shit too. Nicely done Kenny.


Nikki: I did tell you to call the fucking police, Dan.


Dan: I know man, I know.


Reece: We can squabble or we can sort this out.


Nikki: (turning back to Kenny) what’d you have in mind?


Kenny: We get her out of here and then into Dan’s van. We take her ten miles down the road to the docks where my mate has a boat. We bag her up and add some rocks, then take her out and dump her. She’ll sink.


Nikki: And what about when the police come around asking why she didn’t return home last night?


Kenny: You and Dan dropped her off at three AM. The last you saw of her she was walking to her gate.


Nikki: (shaking his head) I’m sorry Maria.


Reece: I knew you’d end up hung up on that chick.


Nikki: (rounding on him) Look you motherfucker, I invited them two. At the end of the day it was me who brought them here, me who caused her death. And I can’t even apologise.


Dan: Come on man, let’s get some air (puts his arm around Nikki and walks towards the door)


Kenny: Talk quietly you two, and we need to be out of here by one AM, so don’t wander far.

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