Sleepless Nights

When One Direction travels to Australia to a resort owned by Zayn's childhood friend, Molly, things change fast for Harry and he gets a whole new perspective on life.


1. one


"Hey, Mollz! Long time, no see. How's Aussie by the way?", I asked biting my lip as I walked back and forth on the floor in front of everyone. "As always I guess. But seriously, what do you want?", the person in the phone replied. "You know me too well", I smiled. "But the thing is, I wondered if you had 6 rooms available ? Possibly beside each other at least on the same floor?", I asked in a begging tone. I could almost hear her rolling her eyes. "Continue rolling your eyes, you, maybe you'll find a brain back there", I joked. "Hehehe .. Aren't you just the funniest person ever?", she said sarcastically. "No, but seriously, you got some for me?", I said shrugging it off. "Wait a minute, I'll go check", she replied. I heard footsteps walking and the noise around disappeared, so I guessed she was outside. "When do you need 'em and for how long?", she asked. I pulled a hand through my hair and looked over at the guys. "I don't know, at least 3 weeks?", I replied pulling my shoulders. "Lucky for you, it isn't season. I'll reserve them for you, but all of them won't be available before Thursday", she told focused. "We'll be there and I guess a ride from the airport is in the price?", I asked smiling. "Text me the details, Malik", she replied before she hung up.

I smiled at my phone before I laid it in my pocket, looked up and saw ten expectant mother faces staring at me. "So .. What'd she say?", Liam asked. "Six rooms in a row are available from Thursday", I said with a huge grin. The serious faces on all of them turned into huge smiles. "I even got us a private ride from the airport", I said proudly crossing my arms. "Oh, what'd you get us?", Louis asked smiling at me. "I'm not quite sure, but I would guess on a truck", I replied pulling my shoulders.

- Skip to when they arrive Australia -

I took a deep breath of the well known Aussie smell. I didn't realize how much I'd missed it before now. Oh well, it was good being back. To meet Molly, we had to walk about 10 minutes away from the airport. It ain't totally legal to place eleven persons on the back of a trunk, or not quite a trunk. It's more of a pickup. I saw her in the horizon leaning against the car smoking. It was one of the few times I'd seen her with a cigarette. Or she often carried them with her, but she never used them. I'm pretty sure she had the same package now as a few years ago. When she saw us coming she smoldered the cigarette and waved. I walked a little faster towards her and greeted her with a hug. I smiled at her and introduced her to the others. It was me, Harry, Louis, Niall and Liam + Louis' girl Tori, Niall's Melanie, Liam's Sophia and my Perrie too. Harry was the only one without a girlfriend for the moment, but he'd insisted that it didn't bother him we all brought ours. But anyhow, we all got up on the storage plan. It wasn't the best space back there, so Harry ended up sitting in the passenger seat next to Molly.


The first thing I saw when I saw Molly, was her body. She was so tiny, or she wasn't actually low, but she was thin. Skinny to say it as it is. I immediately felt kinda bad for her. Lately I've been struggling with my own self esteem and weight and seeing her like that, I can't tell it helped me a lot. Her face seemed very awake and she had a gorgeous smile though, so if you saw her on the street, you wouldn't think she was depressed or anything like that. The only thing I didn't look forward to when I had to sit in the passenger seat, was the smell of smoke. I couldn't say I liked the smell of it, but I was pretty surprised. It definitely didn't smell anything like smoke in there, more like strawberries. Molly didn't say much when she drove, mostly because she got a phone call. I think it was something work related. Zayn had told us that Molly lived 6 months in Australia working at the family resort and 6 months in the U.S where she studied and worked as a waitress. Apparently she had a diagnosis so she had a few more years to finish school. I don't quite know. He also said once that if we had any problems, Molly was a person to come to, but I doubt I have the guts to do that. Niall is the only person who knows about it all.

I watched as she pulled over and got an eye on the resort. I don't think I've ever seen something like that. The whole thing really gave you the tropical summer feeling you wanted, especially in the winter time, but it was spring now though. The building from this side, was simple but yet spectacular. The color reminded me of vanilla and there were small palm trees and tropical flowers. Right over the door, the name of the hotel was written in a nice, turquoise font; Maria's Memorial. I think it was a nice name, maybe mostly because it was different than the others. All the colors matched perfectly together and it really was beautiful.

We got the keys to our hotel rooms and went to them to leave our luggage there before we explored the place. Molly had disappeared as soon as we came here. She probably had to work. But anyway I laid my bag on my room and looked around it. It was a little smaller than the other rooms since I only am one. I feel sort of lonely, but I'm mostly worried for when we're going to eat out. I think they all was planning to go to this restaurant called Oceanasios but I'm not completely sure. I've also started to think about making up a lie so I won't have to go. I honestly feel like I'm third wheeling. Maybe I should talk to Niall .. he would understand, he always did. The problem is that he doesn't know how to handle me when I'm at my worst and I can't tell him, cause honestly, I don't know either.


As soon as I had given the guys the keys to their room, I had to run again. My shift at the bar by the pool was starting in just 3 minutes and I also had to change my clothes for it. For the moment I was wearing a black pair of jeans and a red hoodie, which is not an acceptable outfit for the pool bar and way too hot anyway. I ran into the changing room for all employees and opened up my locker. It was filled with different uniforms and outfits since I work many places instead of only one. I took a casual high neck, long sleeved tank top in black and a white high waisted shorts with palm leaves. I figured I could just wear the sneakers I already wore. I knitted an apron around my waist and sat my hair up in a loose ponytail before I went out and behind the bar counter.

Behind the bar was always a busy time. There weren't only alcoholic and fancy drink served. It was straight by the pool, so kids often came up for a soda or some juice too. But I sorta liked it here. I made a few drinks, had a little chat with the customers. It was way worse being at the second one, in the lobby. There were always at least one drunk man or woman there. It's pretty ironic that I can't stand to work where there are drunk people, yet I get drunk a little too often for my age at least. I'm not even 17. December kiddo you know. No, but seriously, I've been having so much problems lately and the fact that my ex-boyfriend is texting me, it doesn't make it any better. After what he did three years ago, I still can't stand him. I don't use technology that much and if I do, it's Tumblr, so I didn't know you can block a persons number before a week ago, so I guess that problem is solved, for now.

As I stood there having a good time, I forgot all about the clock. I didn't realize I was off for today until another bartender, Anthony asked me if I could clean up for today. I nodded and smiled at him before I started. "Hey, Mollz!", I heard and turned around. "Hey", I smiled at Zayn as I continued to clean up the mess. Someone had apparently spilled their drink and didn't bother telling, so there was also glass everywhere. "But uhm, to celebrate that we're here in Aussie, we all thought we were going out to eat on this restaurant called Oceanasios, and I or we wondered if you'd like to come join us?", he asked leaning towards the disk. I looked up at him and shook my head. "No thanks. I think I'll just stay here, plus if you remember I only go to Oceanasios on very specific dates", I told him smiling as I took of my little black apron. "Ahh that's right. The 14th, 2nd, 6th, 23rd and 26th", he said with a smirk. I looked at him with lifted eyebrows. "Not bad, Malik, not bad at all."

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