Because Of You |A•I|

"You have everything you could ever want."

"There's one thing that I want but I don't have."

"What's that?"



He bullied her. She wanted to die. He did it for a reason. She never knew. He felt guilty. She was abused and bullied. He never knew that. She self harmed. So did he.


6. 6

Andi's POV

I woke up with Ashton laying next to me.

"Hey Ash." I said.

He didn't wake up.

"Ashton." I said.


I poked his cheek.


How the hell am I going to wake this boy up?

I'll just sit on him.

I sat on his waist with my legs on each side of him.

He still didn't wake up.

I got off him. Maybe if I jump on the bed he'll wake up.

I started jumping on the bed.

Still nothing.

Then I started blasting 'American Idiot' by Green Day.

Then Ashton woke up and fell off the bed.

I turned off the music and started giggling.

"Why'd you wake me up? It's Saturday." Ashton said getting up and rubbing his eyes.

"Did you forget you were in my house?" I asked.

"Maybe." Ashton said looking around my room.

I laughed.

"Well I should get going." Ashton said.

"No don't leave me." I said with a pouty lip.

"Fine but I'll be right back I'm going to my house to get some clothes." Ashton said.

"Okay." I said.

Ashton went through the window

I decided to shower. I stripped from my pjs and headed into the shower.

I brushed my teeth then went back to my room.

I guess I didn't hear Ashton come in through the window because I found him sitting on my bed.

"Shit Ashton you scared me!" I said.

He just giggled. Wait. DID ASHTON IRWIN JUST GIGGLE!?

"Did you just giggle?" I asked.

"Yes why?" Ashton asked.

"Well because you're a teenage boy and teenage boys don't giggle." I said.

"Well I guess I'm the only one." Ashton said.

"Yep. Let me go change in the bathroom." I said grabbing some of my clothes.

"Nope you're changing in here." Ashton said stopping me.

"Ashton. No." I said.

"Why?" He asked.

"Well because 1 I'm naked,and 2 I don't want you seeing me naked." I said.

"Fine." Ashton said letting me go.

I went into the bathroom and changed into a Foo Fighters shirt,black skinny jeans,black combat boots,and a Blink-182 sweater and I curled the ends of my hair.

I went back to my room and I saw Ashton looking around my room.

"Hey I'm done." I said.

"And your wearing a sweater." Ashton said.

"Is there a problem?" I asked.

"No only that it's 90 degrees outside!" Ashton said.

"Well maybe I like sweaters." I said.

"Take that off." Ashton said trying to get my sweater off of me.

Ashton's POV

"Take that off." I said trying to get her sweater off of her.

"No!" Andi said.

"C'mon Andi!" I said.

"No!" Andi said again.

Her sweater wasn't zipped up so I grabbed her arm so she could slip out of it.

And she did.

Andi covered her arms.

"Ashton give me my sweater back!" Andi said.

"Why? Because you don't want me too see your scars?" I said.

She didn't respond.

"If I show you a secret of mine, will you let me see your scars?" I said.

She didn't respond again. She just nodded.

God I can't believe I'm doing this.

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