Because Of You |A•I|

"You have everything you could ever want."

"There's one thing that I want but I don't have."

"What's that?"



He bullied her. She wanted to die. He did it for a reason. She never knew. He felt guilty. She was abused and bullied. He never knew that. She self harmed. So did he.


5. 5

Andi's POV

I honestly have no words. No one ever in my life told me that they loved me.

"Thank you." Was all I could manage to say.

"For what? All I ever did was hurt you." Ashton said.

"For telling me that you loved me. No one has ever told me that." I respond.

"Your welcome. Andi can I ask you a question?" Ashton asked.

"Yeah sure what is it?" I asked.

"Will you go on a date with me?" Ashton asked.

"I'm not sure about that Ashton." I said. What if he hurts me?

"I'd understand if you don't want to." Ashton said.

Maybe I should give him a chance.

"Sure I'll go out on a date with you." I responded.

"Great. It's going to be the best night of your life." Ashton said.

"Yeah well I've never had a best night of my life yet." I said.

"Well don't worry you'll have fun." Ashton says and yawns.

"Maybe we should go to bed." I said.

"Yeah that's a good idea." I said grabbing Ashton's wrist and pulling him on the bed with me.

Ashton pulled me close to his chest and wrapped his arm around my waist.

I felt comfortable in his warm arms.

Soon I drifted off to sleep.

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