Because Of You |A•I|

"You have everything you could ever want."

"There's one thing that I want but I don't have."

"What's that?"



He bullied her. She wanted to die. He did it for a reason. She never knew. He felt guilty. She was abused and bullied. He never knew that. She self harmed. So did he.


4. 4

Andi's POV

School's over. Great.

Ashton said that he has to let his mum know that I'm going to tutor him. So I'll just go ahead of him.

I grabbed my skateboard and started heading home.

Once I got there I didn't see my dad's car or my mum's car so that means they aren't home.


I decided to put my skateboard in my room since my mum broke my skateboard from yesterday. I had to get a new one this morning.

I decided to shower since it's really hot today.

I stripped from my clothes and went into the shower.

Once I finished I dried off and changed into a regular black shirt,black skinny jeans,black and white converse,and a nirvana sweater.

I heard the door bell.

I went downstairs to open the door. Standing there was Ashton.

"Come in." I said obviously not happy that he's here.

"What are you not happy that I'm here?" Ashton said.

"Do I look happy?" I asked.

He didn't respond.

"Take out your math book and let's get started." I said.

He did as I told him.

"I'm hungry." Ashton said. " do you have some Oreo's?"

"Yeah wait here." I said and went into the kitchen.

I looked in the fridge and in the snake bowl for Oreo's. Nope I don't see them.

I checked the cabinets. Finally! I found it.

I went to the living room to give Ashton the Oreo's but he wasn't where I left him.

He was looking at some hidden family pictures that I kept hidden from my parents.

"Why do you keep these hidden?" Ashton asked.

"No reason." I lie. My parents would either burn or rip them. The only times we ever looked happy. That I looked happy.

I handed Ashton his Oreo's.

"Thanks. Want some?" Ashton asked.

"No thanks I'm not hungry." I said. I never eat. Not even dinner or breakfast or lunch.

"You sure? I mean you never eat at school. Not even breakfast at school or lunch." Ashton says.

"Yeah I'm sure. I-I don't eat." I stuttered.

"What do you mean you don't eat?" Ashton asks.

"It means I starve myself." I respond.

I hear the door open. I could see my mom there with a flask in her hand. She's drunk.

Ashton's POV

I can hear there door open.

"Andi!" A woman yells. It's Andi's mum.

Andi quickly stands up and walks over to her mum.

From the corner of the wall I could see Andi and her mum.

"Did you do the dishes?" Andi's mum says.

"N-no I'm tutoring a kid from my-" Andi says but she gets cut off by her mum slapping her.

Her mum abuses her? I thought she was kidding.

"Oh please. Like you're smart enough to actually tutor someone. Considering the fact that you're so stupid." Her mum says. "Go to your room."

Andi nods and comes up to me. She's in tears.

"Ashton maybe you should go." Andi says.

"No. I'm staying here. I'll protect you." I say.

"Protect me? From what? All you ever did was bully and hit me." Andi says.

She's right.

"I do it for a reason. I just can't tell you. Please just let me stay." I say.

"Okay fine. Do you mind sleeping in my room?" Andi asks.

"No I don't mind at all." I say.

"Okay follow me. Walk quietly so my mum doesn't see you or hear you." Andi says and I follow her up to her room.

Andi's room is really nice. Her walls are painted black,she has a king sized bed, posters with bands like Blink-182, Green Day,All Time Low,Nirvana,and Fall Out Boy.

"You really have a good taste in music." I say.

"Thanks." She says. "I'm going to change I'll be right back."

Andi walks into the bathroom.

She comes out in her pjs.

I see her reach for a sweater with her left arm and I see red marks.

I walk over to her and grab her arm.

She immediately puts her arm behind her back.

"Andi what did I just see?" I ask.

She doesn't respond.

"A-are you cutting yourself?" I asked shocked.

"Yes. I don't know why you're so shocked. I mean you're the one that's doing this to me." Andi responds.

She's right. I am doing this to her. Bullying her.

I pull her into a hug.

Andi's POV

Ashton pulls me into a hug.

My bully is hugging me.

"Andi you have no idea how sorry I am. I'm truly sorry. For bullying you and making you feel bad about yourself. For making you insecure. You're so beautiful and I'm in love with you. At first I though it was a stupid little crush and I've tried so many times to push it away. But I just can't. Then I started bulling you. And I swear every time I insulted you or hit you, my heart ached. It hurt me seeing you hurt. Now I feel even worse just seeing how you're treated by your mum. With your dad it's probably even worse. You have no idea how beautiful you are. Inside and out. It hurts me to see you scared of me. I love you so much Andi. Never forget that." Ashton says.



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