Because Of You |A•I|

"You have everything you could ever want."

"There's one thing that I want but I don't have."

"What's that?"



He bullied her. She wanted to die. He did it for a reason. She never knew. He felt guilty. She was abused and bullied. He never knew that. She self harmed. So did he.


3. 3

Andi's POV

I woke up in my bed.

Today I have school. Yay! (Note the sarcasm)

I went into my bathroom and looked in the mirror.

I had tear stains on my cheeks.

I stripped from my clothes and took a shower. Then I brushed my teeth.

I went back and my room and changed into a Nirvana muscle tee,black ripped skinny jeans,a red,white,and black flannel,and black combat boots.

I straighten my hair. But then I noticed that I had a blue and purple mark on my cheek.

If I put makeup on it Ashton's going to get mad.

I grabbed my skateboard and headed off to school.

Yes I ride a skateboard to school. My mother and father hates me so much that they won't drive me anywhere.

I finally arrived at school.

I have no friends so I'm alone.

I got to my locker and took out my Science books since I have science for first period.

*Skip to Lunch*

Today Ashton hasn't talked to me and I haven't seen him at all today. Good.

But then just my luck, Ashton and his group,which had Luke Hemmings,Calum Hood,and Michael Clifford, in it.

"How'd you get that bruise? Did you fall off your skateboard again? I remember the first time you fell it messed up your whole face." Ashton said.

"No." I responded.

"Oh let me guess it was your mum that did that to you." Ashton said.

"Yes." I responded.

"Well I don't blame her." Ashton said.

Then he slapped me. On the same cheek as my mother did yesterday.

"See you in Math class." Ashton said and walked away with his group.

Great. Ashton's in the same Math class as I am and that's my next class.

I got up and walked to my locker since I didn't have lunch to eat. I never eat anyways.

I got out my Math books and headed to class.

*Skip to end of Math class*

"Ashton Irwin and Andi Martinez,I would like to see the both of you." Mr. Rodriguez said.

I hated being called on. I hate the attention. I always get nervous. I hate being called on by the teacher. I've never failed a class though. I'm a straight -A student.

Both Ashton and I walked up to Mr. Rodriguez' desk.

"Now, Ashton, dew to your last grade on the test, you need a tutor. Andi, since you are my best student, I want you to tutor him."

"W-what?" I said.

"You're going to be Ashton's tutor." Mr. Rodriguez said.

I just looked at Ashton. He was smirking.

"O-okay." I responded.

I left the class room. But Ashton followed me.

"So, you're my new tutor huh?" Ashton said.

"Yep. Do you want to do the tutoring at your house or at mine?" I asked?

"Yours. My brother Harry gets annoying." Ashton responded.

Great. Just great.

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