A temporary witch's curse has the Winchester brothers swapping bodies. It sucks, but they're handling it. As long as they keep their hands to themselves and Dean quit eyeing the damn scissors with that evil gleam in his eye...
Unfortunately for Sam, he discovers something about Dean and Cas. | 13.7K words | Last chapter is really NSFW and is rated RED |


6. Chapter 5


Chapter 5 


The next day is a little easier. Dean is almost used to Sam's gawky limbs and Sam is mostly used to Dean's body. He's still adjusting to his brother's body going haywire at the oddest provocation though. Now that he's not in constant freak-out mode about the whole we're-wearing-each-other thing, he's noticed he's reacting to Cas.

Like, automatically. Without any input from his big brain, his little one is doing its own thing. Frequently and with gusto.

It's disconcerting to say the least.

But it's not just Cas. Oh no. That would make things a bit easier and completely fuck up the Winchester if-I-didn't-have-bad-luck-I'd-have-no-luck streak he's been rocking for nearly 30 years. He's reasonably sure he could've handled the Cas thing (should've expected it, really, knowing they were together together,) and any image that could possibly be considered suggestive was a given. It's the random TV commercials that makes him wonder about Dean's pervert level. He doesn't know whether to laugh or commit his brother when a commercial for Sara Lee makes his borrowed dick twitch a little in his jeans.

He can't help staring at his lap. It's really freakin' weird. He's no stranger to sudden, awkward boners (comes with being a guy with a functioning dick, really,) but this? This is just... No, thanks. He's so over this whole thing and wants it to be done.

Sam jumps, feeling like he's been caught doing something other than just channel surfing, when Cas pops in right next to him. He looks up and blinks when Cas steps into his personal bubble and reaches out for him. They remember, at the same time it seems, that he's not Dean and Cas doesn't need to be breathing his air and two seconds away from doing who-knows-what. Cas steps back two steps and inclines his head in greeting instead of probably giving him a hello-fondling.

"Hey, Cas," Sam says, ignoring the awkwardness and putting his attention back on the TV; it's easier than seeing Cas face do that puppy dog-esque, missing his Dean look. "What's up?"

Castiel looks around the room, surprised he's arrived before Dean. It's only a 10 minute drive and he'd walked, needing the air and getting away from the temptation that came with time alone with Dean. Especially alone in the Impala. "Dean went to look a few things up, research, and I had a few spare moments to help." He looks around the room again; he knows Dean isn't there but he can't imagine where else the Hunter would be. He settles on the bed next to Sam, mindful to keep a respectable, comfortable distance. His fingers drum against his knee and he's trying not to fidget. "Is Dean back?"

"Nope," Sam says offhandedly, distracted by a cooking show. His belly rumbles and he pats it absently, wishing his culinary skills extended past grilled cheese and ramen noodles. He ignores Cas' twitching, already used to the angel's human-like habits by now. He's not sure if it's from the brushes with being human or hanging around them so damn much that's affected Cas. But it's almost soothing and vastly preferable to when Cas used to just be there, standing still and statue like; it was unnerving.

Before Castiel can get truly worried, Dean slams into the room. The door bounces off the wall before Dean jumps forward to catch it and closes it again. He nearly opens to his mouth to ask if Dean is okay when he realizes the Hunter is smiling. Nearly ear to ear. And chuckling occasionally. Dean's amused smile warms for a moment when their eyes meet and he smiles back out of reflex, even if it's Sam's face smiling at him. "Dean."

"Hey, Cas." Dean feels a subdued flutter work through him, annoyed at Sam's body for a moment it's not the squirmy-hot-awesome thing he normally feels, when Cas stands up and practically struts over towards him. He nearly grabs the angel by that damn tie to lay a juicy one on him, but remembers in time not to. He's not sure he can handle any more of Sam's prissy hand-slapping and finger-wagging. He plays with the tie instead, letting it slip through his fingers a few times in a familiar habit. "Guess what?"

Castiel takes in the practically sparkling eyes and excited flush on Dean's cheeks. It takes quite a bit of effort not to get further into Dean's personal space and feel the heated skin against his lips. He just makes a humming sound, nodding slightly and indicating Dean should share.

Sam's brows scrunch up. Normally he's relieved (and happy) to see Dean looking all happy and dopey. But something tells him he's really not going to like the 'why' behind it this time. Dean looks giddy but in a decidedly evil way. He eyes Dean warily, "What?"

"Sam's turned on by books," Dean crows to Cas, pointing at Sam with glee. He goes back into a laughing fit. The one he got kicked out of the library for when he couldn't contain himself when he got an honest to god stiffy from a book - in Latin. Once he got over the complete awkwardness of popping a boner in a library, over a freakin' book, he'd broken down into immature giggles. The sorta-hot librarian shushing him only made the problem worse, though. He nearly snorted with the effort of holding in his laugh. And then he got excited all over again when the sorta-hot librarian gave him a stern look over her reading glasses, so score one for Sam being kinda normal—even if she did have all her clothes on.

Sam glares at his brother, unamused. He might enjoy the library a bit more than other people, but he has good memories associated with them (and nearly all center around Jess and sneaking off into the nearly-deserted Ancient French Poetry section.) He can't remember ever being excited from a damn book though. It figures it would happen the one time Dean volunteers to go to the library, alone, and is riding around in his body. Dean's snickering again, leaning into a slightly confused Cas, and he scowls at his hyena-like brother. "At least I don't get sexually aroused by pastry."

"So?" Dean shrugs carelessly. He can feel Cas' amusement and he's this close to mentally scarring Sam (some more) with tales of how much Cas likes pie too. Usually off his ass or something kinky like that (his awesome, freaky little angel). "I like pie, that ain't no secret."

"Dean," Sam says shortly, getting up from his seat. "It's not- I don't get turned on by books, you dick."

Dean snorts. "Felt like it, Sammy. An honest-to-god nerdgasm," he says, spreading his hands out wide and nearly gigging (no - manly chuckling) again. He smothers the next batch of laughs when Sam aims an epic bitch face at him. He holds his hands up when Sam looks 2 seconds away from hitting him. "Sorry. It just... surprised me."

"Tell me about it," Sam mutters, memories of the awkward soap opera hour coming back. He really hadn't wanted to know that Dean's fanboying extended to actually lusting after Dr. Sexy. Well, at least it isn't just pie and Hooter's commercials...

Oh. And Cas.

Cas is the worst so far. He can't be alone in the same room with the angel without reacting. It's kinda sweet, in a pervy-Dean sort of way, but mostly just awkward as fuck.

They all settle down and watch TV, slightly tense but trying not to show it, and barely paying attention. Each of them surreptitiously checking the time and mentally counting down until this can be over.


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