Locked Doors

The doors are always locked.. What are they hiding? Can she uncover the mystery of the locked doors? Find out


2. Locked Doors

       I'm working on unlocking the door in the dining hall, I don't think it's a closet because, why lock a closet door? James thinks there are different mysteries behind each door, and since every lock is different sizes, that rules out finding a skeleton key here in his mind. Mallory Manor is haunted though, it was around during the war, so anything can truly be here. I hope these mysteries don't kill me... It's been kinda of lonely with just me and James here. Oh, I didn't tell you about that yet, well his parents got sucked into another dimension. It happened when they came with him to my house, I need help unlocked the door to my parent's old bedroom. As soon as it opened, bye bye James's parents.

    Me and him have always had each other, so he had some family left I guess. It haunts me what happened to his parents, it just seems like I owe him my loyalty. So from then on, I stood by his side, which he enjoyed because we both stopped going to school at the loss of his parents and mine being missing. Neither of us could handle it, all of our school friends talked about their families, which was like a slap in the face for us. The reason we've kept unlocking the doors, well it's because we hope that if we unlock them all we might have a shot at getting back our parents.

    Sometimes I wonder if my parents just left me, that maybe the house didn't make them disappear, but James doesn't let me think that way, he says they'd never leave someone as cool as me. He's right in a way, they wouldn't just leave and never come back for they're own child. So ever since they day, I've fought harder, stood taller, my fear got smaller. Why have fear when you've got nothing to lose anymore, but each other of course. See it doesn't make sense, it's like fearing the dark but you have a light on.

Also James is 16, he's got dirty blonde, shaggy hair, hazel eyes, and he's super tall and slim. Sounds cute doesn't he? Yep well he is at least compared to me, I have long brown hair, green eyes, I'm short and slim.

  James is always telling me I'm super pretty and should just embrace it, I think it's funny though, he thinks I'm pretty. I have had  a crush on James since we first met, but I never spoke of it. I would die if he knew, my school friends would always say he totally likes you and you should just ask him out already. I'm too scared though, but oh my gosh is he cuteeeeee. 

     Now that you know a little about us, let's get started. 

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