Locked Doors

The doors are always locked.. What are they hiding? Can she uncover the mystery of the locked doors? Find out


6. Daisy and James...


 Okay, so I've been trying to unlock the door on my own without James by using past methods, they failed. James says we always need to work together on these doors. I guess he's right. Maybe we can get our parents back, maybe I won't feel bad for get his parents trapped, just maybe one day he will get them back. Sometimes I think James would've be better off without me. I should've been the one sucked in that portal that night, not his parents. 

     James thinks I shouldn't blame myself, but it's hard when what you're blaming yourself for is actually your own fault. I went crazy when his parents were taken, started acting different, or at least that's what he says. I used the knife my dad gave me when I was little to cut my arms sometimes, but James took it away and started staying with me for a few weeks. That's why we're so close and worry about each each other all the time, we both lost the two people we needed.

     I wasn't the only one who went crazy though, I guess James doesn't realize it but, some days he just gets super upset over nothing. Which is obviously his built up anger and sadness, I don't bring it up though, I might make things worse.


  Daisy is all I've got, I won't let her disappear, not on my watch. She doesn't realize it, but I fell in love the day I met her. Those beautiful green eyes, her perfect hair, and cute smile, who couldn't fall for her? So I stayed with her, protected her, that's why I don't want her to unlock the doors without me, I can't lose the one thing I have left to lose. When we lost my parents it hit both of us hard, Daisy was broken by it. She blamed herself for it, it's not her fault, I just feel so bad for her because it caused her to do the one thing she used to despise. 

    That broke my heart, just seeing her that way, so I took the blame for her brokenness, thought that it'd make her better. All it did was break her more, which is why the little things upset me. I hate myself for what this house has put her through, but maybe if we can get all the doors open, she can move on. She's confident it can get my parents back, but I don't know if it will. I just want her to be happy again, be the Daisy before mine and her parents were taken away.

      Maybe if I just have hope.....................

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