Locked Doors

The doors are always locked.. What are they hiding? Can she uncover the mystery of the locked doors? Find out


5. A/N

  Okay for those of you who have not seen my mumble, I will be leaving for a month, my book will carry on. I won't be writing for a bit, because my signal isn't gonna be good where I am going. If you want to talk to me, just reach out I will leave my emails down below, If you have my phone number, I wouldn't text, my minutes are out. I should be getting minutes soon tho so if I trust you I might give it to you. Just give me a coauthor request, if I accept that means I trust you with my number. Oh and I will give you my snapchat as well.

  DO NOT betray my trust with these things.


Phone Email Address: Rockstaranne@icloud.com

Computer Email: Rockstarrabbit1234@gmail.com 

Snapchat: ryliethemiracle 

Also I prefer if you do email please do the phone, my computer will only be with  me 10% of the trip. 

Love you lots!!!!!!!!!!

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Ry out 

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