When The Phone Goes Dead: A Lyrical Diary

This is my new movella, a diary I will complete when I am writing my album. It will chronicle the ups and downs, the ideas i use and the ideas I scrap. WARNING: I WILL SWEAR IN THIS


8. 9/11/15 00:15AM

​Progress is grand.

​I have written multiple tracks since my last update. In actual fact, 12/13 are complete. What has happened, however, is a title change. Originally called THE SILENT COMMAND, I changed the title to THE PHONE GOES DEAD. TFGD sounds much cooler than TSC, but also TSC sounds like I was trying too hard. This will be the final title upon release.

​Also, I hope to publish the first single, Do You Wanna Go, on movellas next week. This song was written a while back and I'm sure a lot of you will find it appealing.

​Furthermore, every album I write a song titled after an episode of Warehouse 13. This album has one; I completed it while I was on holiday. Me like


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