When The Phone Goes Dead: A Lyrical Diary

This is my new movella, a diary I will complete when I am writing my album. It will chronicle the ups and downs, the ideas i use and the ideas I scrap. WARNING: I WILL SWEAR IN THIS


2. 11/9/15 21:02PM


​Ok, so I'd had this line in my head for ages ('if all else fails I'll be by your side'). Pretty simplistic, I know, but I needed to build around it. I was inspired by the new W.A.S.P song Last Runaway to write a fast tempo track with very meaningful lyrics and a strong chorus. I managed to crack it with If All Else Fails. The verse built up an devastated planet where nothing could survive, and the bridge sent you down to hell, but the chorus showed how 'if all else fails love will always hold you in its arms, a brilliant build up that thrashed into a powerful chorus. I know I'm blowing my own trumpet a bit here but I'm trying to describe the song structure.

​If you want to write a track that's lyrically strong, emotion is the only way. You can write a track about the perils of not recycling, but the lyrics will show your boredom. I like to write from the heart, it carries the emotion with every word, it makes the tracks thicker and more complex.

​So, I'm two tracks in to my album (Somewhere In The Badlands and If All Else Fails) and I haven't actually got a cover for my previous album yet. It's still on order, I'm sure it'll look amazing


​Rest in peace all those who lost their lives in the terrible attacks on the World Trades Centre 14 years ago today. I wish your families all the best and may god bless you all.

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