The 17 year old Serial Dater

Amanda Van Der Barron is young, free, single...and hating it. Why can't she find a guy as easily as her friend Kat? She decides to take drastic action so she can find the man of her dreams before her 18th birthday...


3. The Plan

“It’s just not fair, Kat. I want what you have.”

“No you don’t, Amanda. You just think you want it. Guys are more trouble than they’re worth most of the time.”

Amanda looked up from her coffee.

“Then why are you never without one?”

Kat thought. “I guess I just can’t say no to a gorgeous guy” she sighed. “They have their uses...but don’t think for one second that you’re missing out, Manda. They can be such a pain in the arse. It’s so much more fun being single.”

A steely look had returned to her eyes.

Amanda never ceased to be irritated by the fact that, although she was never single, Kat still felt she had the right to vehemently lament the uselessness of guys, and blame them for every problem in a girl’s life. Even though she never seemed to have any guy troubles. At times like these, Amanda just wished Kat could be single, just for one day, so that they would have something more in common when it came to her favourite subject.

“Look, babe, I just think you need to try harder.”

Amanda stopped mid-sip and stared at her friend. “What? You think that I don’t try?”

“Yeah. I mean, Ok, so you put in a lot of legwork and go through the motions of flirting, but it seems like...well, to me, it seems like you’re not really trying. You don’t really care about the guy. It’s like you’re just searching on autopilot. You need to refresh your game or something.”

They sat in silence for a few minutes, Amanda thoughtfully blowing on her drink. Eventually, just when Kat was on the brink of apologising for revealing her observations, Amanda spoke.

“Something needs to change, that’s for sure.”

Kat smiled. “Yeah. But what?”

“I’m gonna throw myself into this. I want a guy. I want to experience a relationship!”

“Fair enough.”

“I’m gonna have a guy by my 18th birthday, I swear. I’m gonna make it happen.”

Kat suddenly looked concerned. “That’s not long, babe. Maybe you shouldn’t...”

“No, seriously Kat. I haven’t being trying hard enough. I need to be more...what’s the word...”


“Proactive.” Amanda corrected her friend. “So, what I’m gonna do is, I’m going to go out all the time, and try and get as many dates as possible, and never miss an opportunity to meet someone new.”

“Good. You just have to be patient, the right guy’s out there.”

“No, Kat, I haven’t got time for patience anymore. I’m seventeen! I’m nearly a fucking adult! I’m gonna get people to set me up on dates and...”

Suddenly, Kat held up her hand. “Wait, Mand. Isn’t that something that older people do? You’re not desperate, you’ve still got plenty of time. You need to let things happen naturally.”

“Look where natural has got me, for god’s sake! No, I’m gonna play the dating game properly. I’m gonna treat this like a project, give it my all...starting now.”



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