The 17 year old Serial Dater

Amanda Van Der Barron is young, free, single...and hating it. Why can't she find a guy as easily as her friend Kat? She decides to take drastic action so she can find the man of her dreams before her 18th birthday...


1. Prologue

Amanda put down her pen. He eyes drifted over to the computer on the desk opposite her bed. It had just pinged - she had a message. Slowly, she got up and clicked open the chat window. It was Lee, that guy she’d met at a party the other day. Trying to swallow her ridiculously premature excitement, she tapped back a reply.

Hey Lee, yh I’m gd thx. Wubu2?

She fidgeted as she waited for an answer, trying to ignore the homework lying on her bed that was begging to be done.

Not much. Wat college u go 2 agen?

Amanda told him. He replied immediately.

Ah kl. U no someone called kat miller?

Her excitement started to burn out. Why wasn’t he asking about her?

Yh, she’s lyk ma best m8. Y?

No reason, just used 2 b gd frends n dat. Tel her i say hi, nd 2 call me sumtym.

Time to change topic.

Ok. I hd a gd time at the party with u the other nite, wuu2 this w/e?

She just plunged in and asked.They had got on like a house on fire. And he had so obviously wanted to kiss her. Amanda sat in front of the screen, biting her lip. 15 minutes passed. Irritated, she went downstairs and got a doughnut. When she had eaten it, she went back upstairs and pounced on the answer that was waiting for her.

G2G, gorgeous. Catch ya later, nyt.

“Shit!” Amanda logged off Facebook and turned off her computer in a series of smooth movements. Too on edge to do any work, she shoved her books off the bed and got into it. Reaching over, she turned off her bedside lamp, and lay there in the dark, fuming. This always happened to her. She always thought it was going to go somewhere, and then it just fizzled out before it had even begun.

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