A boy named Sebastian

A naruto fanfiction

Sakura wants advice, and so she sends an e-mail to a magazine for help.

This story takes place a while after the five kage arc, before the war. I'm not Kishi btw.


2. Re: I'm in love with a criminal, help!

From: ninjastar-advice@ninmail.com

To: pinky_girl@ninmail.com

Subject(Re): I'm in love with a criminal, help!

Hello pinky. Me, and all our editors here at NINJASTAR are very happy you like our magazine. Perhaps we could send you a little giftbasket once this whole "4th great ninja war" is over?

Your story was quite... eventful, i must say. You have been through quite a lot for somone seemingly so young.

Now about this guy, "Sebastian". To me it sounds a lot like you are stuck in a abusive relationship. Trying to kill someone is not a sign of affection, if both of you have tried to kill one another, maybe you should forget about him, and try to meet someone else who you can deeply and truly love, with no bounderies such as power, revenge or war. If you really want to save him, then do it, but make sure to always keep in control. Make sure he dosn't sneek up on you and gets right in your heart again.

Your other teammate, Will, you mentioned he is in love with you. What happened to him? And your fake confession? How come he knew?

Sounds like you should forget about him. It isn't healthy. It will hurt, it will hurt a lot, but try going out with a search party and kill him. He wont do any good, there is already enough evil in this world.

Write a diary maybe?

Get ALL your feelings out and discover new ones. I wish you the best of luck.

- Marina J. Oritani

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