The Culling of the Crows


1. Laughter?

He smirked and sniggered aloud, acting as though he was alone and could share this peculiar moment to himself. Ray fixated his eyes towards the Controller, puzzled at his laughter and cheerful expression during this predicament. 

“What is it that amuses you?” inquired Ian.

“From the depths of oblivion, he has returned. His presence is like the lights amongst the shadow, a rational man amongst fools, a winner amongst losers.” 

“Oh, alright.” 

“How strange. The atmosphere has been altered - just then it was ominous, menacing, cold and now it has become sedate at the mentioning of him. He cannot possibly be within the vicinity of this area?” 

“You probably just feel paranoid about it - human nature, you know? Your anxiety around what his next move is doing is causing her senses to tick off.”

“What makes you say that?”  

“Not much. You just ought to rest.”

“Please, excuse me as I depart.” 

Ray turned his head back towards the scenery, still perplexed to why the Controller would find the reappearance of this individual so entertaining, yet so distressful. Was it, perhaps, that the Controller himself feared the man? 

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