The Tutor

"But Michael I'm with Calum," I say pushing away.
"Kasey I know your just my tutor but I know you feel it too stop lying to yourself" Michael says.
I run to the door and open to find Calum knocking...


2. The Session

*Kasey's P.O.V*

When the bell rings and school ends I start to walk home and pull out my phone and call my boyfriend, Calum Hood. Phone Convo:

K: Hey babe I can't hang out after school today I'm tutoring someone

C: Its fine Kas I'll talk to you later than I love you

K: love you too Cal

I hang up, I start thinking about Michael and why I volunteered to tutor him what's going on in my head. I shake my head and put headphones in and blast Green Day. I continue walking home.

*Michael's P.O.V*

I leave school thinking why did Kasey volunteer to tutor me. Why do I even like her that's Calum's girlfriend. I start to text Calum then stops, if Kasey wants him to know he will tell her. I turn on some music and closes my eyes while I walk. I get home and quickly jumps in the shower and gets all cleaned up for Kasey's. I put on black skinny jeans and a Green Day shirt. I throw on my white converse and runs out the door and drives over to Kasey's.

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