The Tutor

"But Michael I'm with Calum," I say pushing away.
"Kasey I know your just my tutor but I know you feel it too stop lying to yourself" Michael says.
I run to the door and open to find Calum knocking...


1. Meeting the Tutor

~ Michael's P.O.V ~

I walk into my forth period class and sit in my usual seat. I notice my teacher giving me a funny look. I ignore it and sit down. My teacher starts passing out tests, I get scared a little about the grade I will get. My teacher, Mrs. Anderson, slams my test on my desk and says, "Michael meet me after class to discuss your score." I nod and look down and see that I got and F. I sit through class jotting down some song lyrics. *End of class* I stand up forgetting that I have to talk to Mrs. Anderson, she stops me when everyone is gone. She says, "Michael you need to get your grade up, you just failed that test and now you have an F in my class." "But Math is hard Mrs. Anderson," I say looking at my test. "I know you think that Michael but it's really not that's why I'm getting you a tutor," she says handing me a permission slip. I ask curiously, "What is this?" "It's a permission slip that your parents have to sign stating that you will work with this tutor," she says. "Fine," I say snatching the permission slip I start walking out pissed. She yells, "Also have your parents sign your tes...." I slam the door shut. I decide to skip school and go straight home. After I get home I get a text from my buddy Calum Hood:

C: hey Mikey why did you skip school?? 😨

M: Mrs. Anderson pissed me off, she failed me on the fucking math test! 😡

C: what else did she say???

M: that I need a tutor I was like wtf

C: hey gtg ttyl Mikey

M: see ya Calum

I lie down in bed and fall asleep, I sleep throughout the the night. *next day* I get up and put on my black skinny jeans, my green day shirt, and my black converse. I drag myself to school and I sit with my mates till school starts. The bell rings and I start heading to class when I'm pulled aside by the smartest/cutest girl at the school, Kasey. I stop walking startled, "What do you need Kasey?" "Michael Mrs. Anderson told me you needed a tutor and I volunteered...," she says. "But aren't you dating Calum?" I ask, "I could never do that to Calum." "Well yes I am dating Calum but it's tutoring not a date you weirdo, okay my place after school today will be our first session be there Michael," she says. "Alright alright I'll be there," I say walking away biting my lip thinking, "No Michael that's Calum's girl."

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