Winter's Lullaby


1. Winter's Lullaby

When I'm gone, don't expect much-

Just the lies and bruises and such-

And when I leave, I hope you'll stay.

Not because you're in the way

But because I won't have the strength to tell you no

When Winter brings his harsh snow,

And I'll need your warmth when they take mine.

I hope to repay you in time,

But until then I have to go

Before Winter's first signs of snow.


If I had no where to sleep

Would you shelter me?

And if I couldn't eat

Would you feed me?

Because I need some kind of goodness

Before I forget what that means...


These days, Winter's beating me

And I can't block the voices leading me

Astray and far away.

Please, when I leave, I need you to stay!

Because I have no warmth, I need yours,

So if ever my shadow darkens your door

You let me in and never know

The things I did in Winter's snow.

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