Good girl? (Lrh)

She's a good girl
She's Daddy's favorite
He's saved for Harvard
He know she'll make it
She's good at school
She's never truant
She can speak French
(I think she's fluent)

'Cause every night she studies hard in her room
At least that's what her parents assume
But she sneaks out the window to meet with her boyfriend
Here's what she told me the time that I caught her

She said to me,
"Forget what you thought
'Cause good girls are bad girls that haven't been caught.
So just turn around and forget what you saw
'Cause good girls are bad girls that haven't been caught."


28. pizza from the crust

Maria's P.O.V

FINALLY I updated it's been awhile my friends but im back so get excited :3

I woke up to see Calum on the couch sleeping with a girl on his chest.


"wth? why he on the couch with a random girl" i giggled.


"That's his girlfriend" said Ash grabbing a pillow and laying on the other couch, I went to the table to see a pizza box, I heated it up for me and Ash and put it on the coffee table. We ate in silence till I brang up a topic.


"Ash do you think Luke is using me. He hasn't asked me out but hes been acting like we are a couple. OMG what if he thinks we are friends with benefits omg wth?! I want him to ask me out" I started babbling and freaking out.


"Calm down Maria he's probably scared of commitment or something but maybe he is afraid you not ready or he is not" said Ash eating his pizza.


"I was afraid you would say no" said a voice from the stairs which was obviously Luke.


"How much did you hear?" I asked.


"Enough to know that I want you to be my girlfriend. Maria will you do me the honor of being my girlfriend" said Luke scratching the back of his neck. I ran up to him and jumped on him and kissed him. Ashton fake cried while eating his pizza.

Luke's P.O.V

I have been waiting so long to ask her, I was so happy to call her mine, I felt so complete. I watched her each the pizza, how she liked to eat the crust before the pizza, how she had trouble getting her teeth through the thick crust.


"What?" she asked as I stared at her.


"I just love watching you be yourself and not know no one is watching" I said, she stuck her tongue out at me and continued to eat her pizza, shes all mine.

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