Good girl? (Lrh)

She's a good girl
She's Daddy's favorite
He's saved for Harvard
He know she'll make it
She's good at school
She's never truant
She can speak French
(I think she's fluent)

'Cause every night she studies hard in her room
At least that's what her parents assume
But she sneaks out the window to meet with her boyfriend
Here's what she told me the time that I caught her

She said to me,
"Forget what you thought
'Cause good girls are bad girls that haven't been caught.
So just turn around and forget what you saw
'Cause good girls are bad girls that haven't been caught."


9. Bills, bills, bills

~1 week later~

Maria's P.O.V

I woke up from a nap to see its 1 am to see the mail on the floor. Bills, bills, boys stuff, mta, bills. WHAT MTA WHAT.

"Ashton get in here!!!" I yelled.

"What stop yelling" he said rubbing his head as I showed him the letter. He snatched it from me. And opened it. His eyes skimmed it and a frown came onto his face. He handed it to me and pointed to it.

Blah blah blah.. Congrats Maria welcome to the arts program. Ashton smiled at me. I hugged him tightly as I cried. My dreams are coming true.

All the boys walked in to see me. I sat them all down.

"I have good news. But first where's Luke" i said.

"Umm he um" stuttered Calum.

"Spit it out" said Michael.

"He was with a girl last night" said Ashton as he rubbed my back. I looked down at my hands at a tear slipped.

"I got into the arts" I said not looking at them. I felt a heavy weight on me to see all the boys Hugging me.

"Your audition is tomorrow" said Ashton hugging me. Then the door opened to see Luke.

"Hey boys" said Luke. I sat there holding the letter in my hand.

"Oh hey Maria" he said trailing off.

"So why so excited" he said huffing.

"Nothing you would care about" I said going upstairs.

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