In the beginning, there were men and God. Men killed to survive, and to protect themselves. Yet it was Caine who killed another man from his love of God. Instead of mercy, he received permanent banishment into the Land of Nod. Consumed by loneliness he was driven to giving his curse to others, and thus began the Kindred.
The story follows a female vampire known as Catherine. Vampirism has taken the memories of her time alive, and now she must accept playing the pawn in the Masquerade.


3. Chapter 2

     I have mastered the three Disciplines gifted onto me by the Malkavian bloodline:
Auspex, which allows me to see things (particularly things that are not there).

Dementia, which allows me to spread my insanity to another person and make them go crazy, and sometimes make them commit suicide.

Obfuscate, which allows me to become invisible so long as I do not move.

     After having learned these skills, I was sent by butt-ugly face man to a ship called The Leopold to retrieve a sarcophagus containing an Antediluvian.

     As the darkest blankey covered the sky, my shadow must darken other domains. I grab a switch blade, and take my leave. I expected to have to swim to the boat, but was welcomed by a human named Mercurio.

"aRe YOU THe fLeEt-FoOtEd gOd?" I ask. This struck an expression of disgust in his face.

"Great, a Malkavian. I just wanted this to go by smoothly. I hate talking to you folk, I feel like you are always

answering a question I haven't even asked yet. I can't understand what the Hell you're saying!"

I took notice of his frustration and wanted to toy with him.

"I am the proprietor and salesmen of the month several years in a row; the ladies call me 'Oh God!', but you can call

me Fat Larry with an F-A-T 'cause there's mo' of me to love!"

"But you're a woman, and your name is Catherine... never mind. Look, your boss told me to tell you not to kill a single

person on that boat. The mission is simply to retrieve the sarcophagus containing a very old Vampire."

"I will do the vice, fleet-footed God!" I said. He then pointed me to a small boat made of cheap wood, and told me to

use that. Under the cover of the dark blankey, I will be able to make it to the boat without difficulties.

Once I was at the base of the cargo ship, I realized I had no way of getting up onto the deck, so I began crying loudly.

A police guard looked over the deck and saw me down there, so he threw down a rope for me to climb. He said,

"Don't panic! I will help you!"

As I progressed up the rope I began climbing at an inhuman speed, to his horror he began to see the killing intent in

my eyes. I began to climb faster, and faster, and faster! I jumped on top of him and said,

"Oooh, what do we have here, another scrumptious young plaything straight out of life and into my grasp? Mm... you

smell new, little boy. Like fabric softener dew on freshly mowed Astroturf. Oh, I'm not frightening you, am I, duckling?"

Then I slit his throat with my knife. Kill no one, my ass! I stood up and listened to the silence of night mixed with the

waves against the boat. I closed my eyes, and felt... something horrid... I couldn't describe the feeling... I felt as if a

demon were about to jump out from the shadows and rip me apart. Something very powerful, and its presence was

real. I heard screams, then gunfire coming from somewhere on the boat. I waited in a dark corner until the death

stopped, then I listened with my eyes closed. Silence, again.

I stayed low, kept my senses keen, and began sneaking around. The fear was threatening to awaken the Beast

Within. I climbed up to a high place and looked for something that may contain a sarcophagus. In the center of the

cargo deck, there it was... opened. Someone had taken the body within it already? Around it riddled the torn up

corpses of all the police guards. I began walking to the sarcophagus in another trance, yet it was quickly interrupted

at the sound of a human gurgling blood on the ground. I knelt beside him and began feeding off of him. Humans

actually like the feeling of being fed on, so it was a peaceful way to die. I was started to hear a quiet footstep behind

me about three meters back. I turned around and pulled out my switchblade read to defend myself. The man was

cloaked, and no weapons were visible. He began speaking.

"It is a World of Darkness. The Sin of Caine has spawned the cursed horror that stalks the night in search of living

blood. The Kindred have long been a secret influence on mankind's history, plotting against each other in an eternal

jihad. Their immortal progeny are among us to this day, hidden from the eyes of humanity, by an elaborate


     I didn't know why the person told me this, because I was already a Vampire. I used Auspex to observe him, and his aura seethed with hatred. His blood was pure-bred Vampire, one of the strongest I have ever seen. I then realized

who he was.

"Remember this, Kindred. Wherever we walk, it is the blood of Caine that guides us." He then disappeared into the

darkness of night.

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