In the beginning, there were men and God. Men killed to survive, and to protect themselves. Yet it was Caine who killed another man from his love of God. Instead of mercy, he received permanent banishment into the Land of Nod. Consumed by loneliness he was driven to giving his curse to others, and thus began the Kindred.
The story follows a female vampire known as Catherine. Vampirism has taken the memories of her time alive, and now she must accept playing the pawn in the Masquerade.


2. Chapter 1

The sky is black, and filled with hate. The three officers walked up to the body hanging from the telephone pole wires on the pier. The body was hanging from its bloodied arms, and had a massive hole in its chest.
"Nasty... purely disgusting..." said Steven, one of the police detectives, "it looks like some kind of... animal attack."
"Except whatever did this knew what it was doing." Jackson commented, causing a long eerie silence, until Jonathan spoke.
"I saw an incident like this once..." he began, "I was walking down the beach at night and found a body, worse than this one."
"Bull shit!" Steven interrupted.
"No, no I am telling the truth... also you have to promise not to laugh when I tell you this, but... in the darkness, I swear I felt someone watching me..." Steven and Jack laughed loudly in response.
"Alright, never mind, forget it..."
That is when I killed them in one swift movement. I ripped out the necks of Jackson and Steven because their stupidity annoyed me. Jonathan was the last man standing, so I jumped onto him and sank my teeth into his neck. The reason I killed them was not simply because I was in a bad mood, however. Jonathan was an undercover vampire-hunter, and I was sent to kill him by the Camarilla, a sect of Vampires that enforce the Masquerade and deny all existance of Caine.
I threw the bodies off the pier and into the water, and walked into the night. The moon was full, and that is when I began questioning the reasoning for existence, and so I turned to Death.
"wHaT iS iT iN ThIs wOrlD thAt maKeS LIViNg wOrtH-wHilE?" I asked bitterly. Death thought about it.
"CATS." he said. "CATS ARE NICE."
I found myself laughing out lout, and hushed myself.
My name is Catherine, and I am a Malkavian Vampire. As a Malkavian, I am doomed to be "bat-sheet crazy", as my Sire likes to put it. It was my Sire who bestowed upon me this gift of wisdom. A wise vampire would know to keep a Malkavian close by, for they spew much wisdom behind the madness. "There is a wisdom to madness; there is a madness to wisdom." - By Catherine, a Malkavian Vampire. Created just now. By me. I quoted myself, does that make me cool? People look at my quotes and are inspired to do vices, like mass murder or setting this relationship status on fire, literally.
Once I had come back to my senses, and decided to stop plotting against humanity, I had realized my feet took me to a place unfamiliar to me. It was a dark room with a dining table in front of me. The people feasting at it had been dead for a long time. They are not vampires, they are merely bone. The bones seemed to have a consciousness, as they were all staring directly at me. That is when I heard a voice.
"I have a request..." said the voice.
"aRe YoU oNE of ThE vOiCeS in mY HeAD?" I asked.
"Yesss..." the voice replied. This confused me because it sounded like it was on the exterior of my mind. Whoever this was, he was concealing himself.
"Doth thou even fib?" I began to observe my surroundings.
"No! I am merely in your head!"
"Show yourself, Bones!" and before my eyes, a monstrous figure appeared out of thin air. It was a Nosferatu, a clan of Vampire with the curse of rotting flesh. He barely resembles a human being, he could very well be a monkey. Which would be interesting bec-
"You were in a trance, so I led you into my home." he said, "You will not leave here without doing something for me." I don't have a reason to kill him or hate him, but I still hate him and want to kill him, but I know that he could be better than me because I'm a considerably new Vampire, but I think I should still kill hi-
"You will serve me in my endeavors to seek the origin of our existance."
I stopped. The Camarilla could care less about where we came from, but I always wondered about this. Perhaps I would enjoy this journey.
"Would you consider yourself skilled with one on one combat with a Vampire?" he asked after noticing my deep thought on the subject.
"I have never fought a Vampire, but I have killed lots of vampire hunters!" He laughed at me.
"You're in for a treat." He said slowly, as he disappeared into thin air. "I bet you haven't even mastered your Disciplines yet."
I don't like it when people say that I'm not strong. I wanted to threaten him, but I didn't really have the ability to follow up because he is invisible. I heard a voice behind me, and a chill down my spine.
"I'll teach you."

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