The Stupid Zombie-Alien Avdentures of Brian and Sickerdoodle

Brian Is the last human alive... or so he thinks...

Together with his trusty talking sidekick dog, Snickerdoodle, they must survive the alien and zombie apocalypse all at once... OMMAAGWASH!

Marvel in the funny and often stupid adventures of the two trying everything in their zombie-survival instruction guide to survive... heeding any advice given to them, whether right or wrong.


5. The Toppeling Towers

Brian was still just shooting headshots, and Snickerdoodle was still sleeping, when... BANG!

"Woah! What on God's green earth was that?" Brian exclaimed, before looking back and seeing a fiery mushroom cloud thing in the backdrop. "Oh, that's what happened. Good to know."

"Brian! Shouldn't we investigate?" Snickerdoodle asked.

"Yeah, You're right, we should. I wonder what made that explosion though." Brian replied.

So the two packed up their things, and took the four-wheeler to see what the freak happened. They drove through the city, with tall, ominous buildings towering over them, all in terrible condition, to the point where that look like a butterfly could knock he whole thing down, like in the cartoons Brian used to watch. Broken windows scattered on the outside of every skyscraper, smashed bricks on every household, and torn cement up and down the streets, all covered in moss and tall grasses of all kinds, making it feel like a jungle instead of the city it was. After close inspection of the area around the boom, the guys decided to inspect the explosion site. What they found, was not very exciting. Just a completely fallen building. Wreckage scattered all around, nothing was spared. Not a single anything was anything anymore.

"Say, waddia think about checking out the surrounding buildings? Maybe we'll find something interesting." Brian said.

"Sure! Let's see what we can find!" Snickerdoodle Replied.

Little did they know, they were being watched. Not by zombies, but by others.

"Sir, do you see what I see? People! More survivors! We need to stop our quarry and save the-"

"Stop Sherri. There is no way we can shut off the bombs quick enough, and you, of all people know that. You set them off."


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