The Stupid Zombie-Alien Avdentures of Brian and Sickerdoodle

Brian Is the last human alive... or so he thinks...

Together with his trusty talking sidekick dog, Snickerdoodle, they must survive the alien and zombie apocalypse all at once... OMMAAGWASH!

Marvel in the funny and often stupid adventures of the two trying everything in their zombie-survival instruction guide to survive... heeding any advice given to them, whether right or wrong.


4. Snickerdoodle Cookies

Once apon a time, there was a boat. Now this wasn't any boat children; this was a ship–a ship of friends, best friends one and all...well, at least with Brian and Snickerdoodle. A veritable friend-ship it was! Get it?

Brian and Snickerdoodle–these were the only two on the boat. Ya know, since the whole zombie apocalypse thing happened, and... yeeeaaaahh. But on a different note, The two were exploring the ship, looking for supplies to take back to base. And they stumbled upon the kitchen and decided to look around for food that was okay to eat. While Brian was packing his three backpacks with as much canned soup, foods, and cooking utensils ad he could, Snickerdoodle was on the hunt. He smelled a smell better than any other smell ever smelled by any smelling smeller. Snickerdoodle Cookies! Yum!

Searching Up and down, left and right, upside-down and In every nook and cranny, Snickerdoodle Searched for the cookie gold. The plate of delicious heaven was found on the far counter, but these were, different. These cookies were bulging and glowing, and last time I checked, cookies of that nature aren't supposed to do that. But Snickerdoodle didn't care, he was just glad that there was something to eat besides canned dog food and zombie flesh. And so, without any second thought, let alone any thought at all, The cookies were gone, down the hatch, tomorrow's duty, and other food puns. After that, the two were on their way home.

The next day, Snickerdoodle woke up with a dry throat, and could barely breathe, you know, what usually happens when you eat abomination cookies. Of course though, Brian Didn't wake up until noon, and Snickerdoodle was left to feel pain until he woke up. When Brian finally woke up, he took his sweet precious time, not noticing Snickerdoodle panting and sweating in the living room. He took so long, that after a while, Snickerdoodle felt nothing, he was fine, as if nothing happened at all. Snickerdoodle eventually got up and walked over to Brian, who was eating his ration of food for the day.

"Hey buddy," Brian started ,"How you doing?"

"Well, how about you?" Snickerdoodle shouted out. And then the Chapter ended with no ending, just to drive everyone mad. :)

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