The Stupid Zombie-Alien Avdentures of Brian and Sickerdoodle

Brian Is the last human alive... or so he thinks...

Together with his trusty talking sidekick dog, Snickerdoodle, they must survive the alien and zombie apocalypse all at once... OMMAAGWASH!

Marvel in the funny and often stupid adventures of the two trying everything in their zombie-survival instruction guide to survive... heeding any advice given to them, whether right or wrong.


3. Buddies

"Got One!" Brian shouted.

"Nice Job, Brian," remarked Snickerdoodle.

Now, I should tell about the two. Brian and Snickerdoodle were the best friends in the whole world, seeing how every other friend died. But I'm not saying like "Oh, that guy! Yeah he's cool n' stuff..." No. They were close. Like, really close. So close that if they were to get any closer, they'd merge like the balls that they were. Like two peas on a pod, like the E and W keys on a keyboard, or like the two hearts of the Doctor, they were always together. Wow, that escalated quickly. Whoops. Anyway, you get the point, that they are so called, "BFFs," and were always together.

"Say! You may be wondering how I can talk like I can," said Snickerdoodle. 

"No man, I already know," Brian commented. "You've told me at least twenty-seven times."

"Not you, dingus!" Snickerdoodle remarked. "The reader! I bet they are curious!"

"Okay, whatever," Brian said as he aimed for another zombie headshot.

"So," started Snickerdoodle, "I'm sorry for breaking the fourth wall, I tend to do that a lot..."

"Yeah, he does do that a lot, so watch out." Brian commented.

"Anyway," Snickerdoodle said, "you probably just want to figure out, so here you go. Ripple Ripple Ripple..."

"Wait, what the heck was that?" Brian asked.

"Well, a ripple effect, to show that we are about to go into a backstory," Snickerdoodle answered.

"Wow, that is so stupid," Brian stated.

"Shut up, Brian. Just shut up."

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