The Stupid Zombie-Alien Avdentures of Brian and Sickerdoodle

Brian Is the last human alive... or so he thinks...

Together with his trusty talking sidekick dog, Snickerdoodle, they must survive the alien and zombie apocalypse all at once... OMMAAGWASH!

Marvel in the funny and often stupid adventures of the two trying everything in their zombie-survival instruction guide to survive... heeding any advice given to them, whether right or wrong.


2. Brian Weeklin

October 7th, 2018. This was the birthdate of Brian Weeklin. Brian's parents loved him, to the point where anyone watching would be slightly creeped out. Everything was normal. Except, for the obvious face that the human race have been at war with the alien species called Florgs. But other than that, life was perfect.

That was the day. China revealed their ultimate weapon to the world. A super bomb thing. I don't know the name. It was in Chinese, and I can't speak Chinese, so we'll just call it the SUPER MEGA GIGA BOMB OF THE AGES 6000! Yeah, let's just go with S.M.G.B.O.T.A. 6000. Seems legit. The Chinese were going to use this bomb and rid the galaxy of the Florgs, once and for all. So they did, and the Florg mother ship died, while a few stragglers fled away. Brian was seven at this time, so he knew that this was the dawning of a new age of human life! After the Space War, all the people rejoiced and held parties and celebrated and all that good stuff. But of course, there was a fatal twist...

When China Launched the S.M.G.B.O.T.A. 6000, the downthrust and radiation of the blast killed everyone in a three thousand mile radius, and it seemed like the corpses were reanimating themselves due to the high radiation. Unaware and unwarned, Canada was at a so called "time of peace." Until Brian's twelfth birthday.

It was on this day, that all Brian's friends came over to party and play hockey on the local ice rink. As Brian, his parents, his dog, and all his friends went out, there were three hunched over, sad looking people. Trying to ignore them, the kids started their game of hockey on the other side of the rink. All was fun and dandy, until one of the three people attacked Brian's dad! Screaming in agony as the person bit into Brain's dad's neck, Brian stood there in shock, disbelief, and fright, for he knew what was going on. He had a book about it.

"Run!" cried Brian, but nobody ran with him. They all stood there, in shock. His father was on the ground, and the hunched figure was running towards Brian's friends. After that, they did run. Faster than they had ever run before. But the three people were faster. Picking off the group one by one until Brian's mom, Snickerdoodle, and Brian were the only ones left running for their lives. With a horde of savages running behind them, thank GOD nobody tripped! Oh wait, yeah, Brian's mom did trip.

As Brian watched his Mom get killed, he could make out her last words: "Go to the shelter!"

Brian stood there. After his mom and dad had died, he knew he would not let their death be in vain. He would live, he would survive. He sprinted to the shelter and locked the door shut. Here, he and Snickerdoodle spent the next two years of their lives together. All alone.

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