The day u meet 5sos


2. meet and date

They went to meet them after the concert. 5sos didn't want to see anyone but Subrina and Kelly so they talked for hours and then Luke ask Subrina " can I pick u up at 8 " Subrina was like "uumm sure " she in her mind " YES" Luke face was red and a red shirt and Luke said in his mind " omg I got a date with Subrina I been crushing on her sent she came her" than they left and Luke was sad but happy because he got a date tonight with Subrina. I think he is happy but sad because she left. Before she left he asked "do u have a vododoll" "no" well u need one " awwww " ur cute but I got to go see ya at 8" "ok lol". So she went back to her house and got ready and she was wearing and blue sparkle dress and white and blue shoes and it was 10mins before Luke was coming so she told her mom " I am leaving to hang out " " ok " the she heated a honk and say " 1min " "bye mom " bye have fun " I will". She go out the house locking the door and said "wow this is a big car " "Ik I thought a girl like you derives something big" oh no I don't I just a normal girl I don't new this" but I will do it for u" "awww your to sweet" we are here". They went inside and was in there for 1 hour.

The end of the night she had to go home so she told him. He said " ok let me take u " "ok". So he drove her home and Subrina kissed him on the check

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