The day u meet 5sos


1. best concert ever

The day I want to see 5sos

"Ok mom do u have $120"



Then I go in my room and post on Facebook

" dose anyone have $120 to go to a concert pls" then I wanted for a few hours and I got a replied and it said " yes but only if I can go with cause I have $240". Then I said " deal"

The concert starts in 20 min and 5 secs I know I am keeping time I just don't want to be late and I don't think the girl knows that $120 gets you to see and meet 5sos. If I get there 10 mins early we should get front row seats. Now I just got to call her. "Hey you ready" "yeah" " I will pick u up in 2mins" "ok".

2mins later then 4mins later, they got there 10 mins early and they got front row they where so happy. They thought they go see if the band was here and they was they went to see them but there was a Guard in the why so they thought " let's go in from the back " so they did. They seen Luke, Michael, Ashton , calm. They wanted to scream but then they would see them so they did then they went more and more inside where they could see them but 5sos couldn't see them.

Then Luke seen Subrina. She ran so he couldn't see her up close but, that was to late he already did. "What is your name" Luke said

"Subrina" "that is a pretty name" "thxs" " np so what are u doing here so early" " well I thought we would get front row seats so we could see u guys up close" "well u looking at us up close and we will get u those front seats " thx u so much " "Np" " the concert is about to start not want to get in ur spots before people come " " ok I will see u after the concert" " ok". So they got in there spots and they where yelling Londer than anyone in the place, Subrina was yelling " Luke, Ashton , Michael, calm. Her friend was yelling one name witch made Subrina mad and she said "you can't just like one of them u have to like all or none". Now her friend is yelling all there names.

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