The Unforgettable Tale Of Jilin

Back in the ancient country of Andea there once existed a city called Jilin, but that was once upon a time. Now that city is replaced with what is called Yushu. How did it come to that name? Well its a long story. In the city of Yushu, a famous story is past down to each generation telling of a king and queen who risked everything they had to save their country. A heart touching story that has been honored for decades. Everyone reads it and knows about it. Women read it while giving birth, teachers preach it to their students, and parents read to their kids about it. The Unforgettable Tale Of Jilin.


2. Post War

15 years later…


“Prince Seth. Prince Oden has requested to see you, and is now waiting outside.”


“Bring him in.” Seth locked his eyes on the papers. There were stacks on his desk and he couldn’t take a break. To him, managing a country is hard work, but a fortune. Once Oden arrived in front of him, Seth waved his servants out the door.


“Brother, take a breather. Why don’t you go outside and take a look at our country? It’s in deep peace.” Oden claimed. Although Oden was the son of the mistress, Senk still loved his brother the same.


“I have plenty of work to do.” Seth ran his fingers through his dark brown hair and sighed. He hasn’t gotten the time to eat, but it was fine with him because his country comes first.


“Why not find the time to look for a princess?” Oden suggested, “You’re going to reign in a few months when father passes on the throne to you and you need a woman to help you rule this country.”


“I’m going to go practice.” Seth grabbed his sword and walked down the aisle, heading towards the grand entrance. “By the way, I’ve arranged a hunting trip. It’d be nice if you came along.” With those words, Seth was out the door.


“My son!” A sweet voice called from behind Oden.


“Mother.” He bowed swiftly when he realized her entrance. “What brings you here?”


“Oh, it was nothing, I just wanted to go see how that brother of yours is doing. Great so far?” She laughed slyly and Oden sighed, knowing her bad intention.


“Mother, don’t think about it. I never wish to compete with Seth. The throne is all his.”


“Not until he finds the rightful queen to rule the west house. He can’t handle a country without a woman by his side. You must know that.” She shook her head, “on the day of his reigning is when their wedding will occur. If he does not find a wife in time, then oh well…”


“Even if brother does not find a queen, I will still not sit on that throne. I don’t want to be involved in politics.” Oden frowned at the idea.


“If you don’t, then I will.” Tera said firmly without hesitation. Although, for ages, there hasn’t been a woman king, she believed that she can handle the job.


On the other hand, Seth was practicing swords skill by the lake behind the palace, making pink petals fall down as the rough wind blew by. For half an hour, he was just fighting against his inner self. His anger made him drop the sword to the ground. All that filled his mind was the war that happened 15 years ago which separated him from his friends. A war that made his country fall into poverty for a whole year. A war that his father finally won, but also made the old man horribly wounded. He won’t forget how Tianjin has made them suffer. Now there’s a boundary between these two countries. A definite line.


While on the other side of the country, Tianjin is dry and poor with fights breaking out for survival needs; poverty just rules over. Eridan disguised himself to walk on the path that his father lost the battle in.


“Mister, please...I need food.”


“I haven’t eaten for days...and my wife is sick.”


Each were carrying their bowl, begging for either pseudos or food. The sight of this made Eridan’s heartache. How did this even happen. If it weren’t for Jilin, then their country would still be happy as ever. It was 15 years ago that it all happened. With just a blink of an eye, everything seemed to happen so fast. It is winter now, and one of the worst seasons of the year because fruits don’t grow and irrigation is bad. Eridan shook his head feeling helpless.


“Yuandao, bring out the rice to pass out to the villagers.” Eridan demanded but his servant hesitated.


“But, my lord...This is the last portion in the palace for the month.” Yuandao explained, “you have passed out most of the food already.”


Eridan closed his eyes and rolled his head back, facing the grey clouds, “I don’t need to eat, my country is my family. Just do it.” Eridan said softly and Yuandao nodded slowly. He couldn’t believe what a king Eridan is. His lord had such a big heart.


“Tonight we’re taking action. Same plan.” Eridan turned his back to walk back to his palace. He was a fool for believing that Jilin people were innocent. He will never trust a single person of Jilin again. He must take revenge for his dead father and take back what what rightfully his. A peaceful Tianjin.


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