The Unforgettable Tale Of Jilin

Back in the ancient country of Andea there once existed a city called Jilin, but that was once upon a time. Now that city is replaced with what is called Yushu. How did it come to that name? Well its a long story. In the city of Yushu, a famous story is past down to each generation telling of a king and queen who risked everything they had to save their country. A heart touching story that has been honored for decades. Everyone reads it and knows about it. Women read it while giving birth, teachers preach it to their students, and parents read to their kids about it. The Unforgettable Tale Of Jilin.


3. Escape Plan



“Hey Mundo! I sneaked out some food for you.” Caspian arrived inside the white tent with three cold breads that the soldiers passed out.


“How’d you get three?” Carmen asked as he sat down next to her, the smell of week long mud and dirt arose to her nose again. “It’s one for each person.”


Caspian took off his ripped shoes and wiggled his pale toes, sending out an unbearable odor. “I stole it from the soldiers while they were distracted.” He always disagreed of giving soldiers two meals a day with only one bread. There isn’t even soup available. Its a first come first serve thing. Soldiers fight for the country so they should be treated as VIP’s. But they get this in exchange? What a shame…


“Put your shoes back on!” Carmen slapped Caspian’s thick black longsleeves that are used to help him keep warm against the cold weather and protect him in battles. His wavy black hair was sticking out from the sides of his furry grey hat.


“Let my toes breathe for a minute man! Sometimes I feel as if you can pass as my mom if you were a woman.” caspian massaged his aching feet from walking around the territory at night to watch for invaders.  


“Why not let me trade with you tonight. You sleep in and I’ll camp out.” carmen offered and Caspian brightened up.


“That’s my man!” He punched Carmen’s arm playfully and ruffled her light brown hair. It was so soft, although a bit dirty. “Why is your hair so soft? Its like a girls hair.”


Carmen slapped his hand off and stood up, “Stop calling me a girl, I’m a rightful man.” Carmen put her hands on her hips to act a bit tough.


“I just feel like sometimes when you’re around...I can feel my sister's presence.” Caspian reminisce how the people of Tianjin burned their house down and killed his whole family in one night. How cold hearted they were to not even spare a kid. If he wasn’t gone to go play with his friends, then he would’ve gone to heaven with them.


“I’m sorry.” Carmen looked down, “rest up, I will be around.” Carmen smiled and exited the tent. The weather was cold and harsh, but nothing could be more worse than the empty feeling inside her hollow heart. The homesickness feeling. She looked down at her white hands and felt how rough they were. They can be compared to a man's hands, and her clothes were a week old. How did she manage to survive like this for 15 years? But she knew one thing for sure: Without Caspian saving her life, she wouldn’t be standing here today. All of a sudden she felt the first cold touch of snow kiss the tip of her nose.


“Snow!” She shrieked like a girl and everyone looked at her, she blushed and fixed her voice, “ahem...umm, I mean snow!” It has been forever since there’s been snow. She remembered the first snow fall she saw was with her father in their little garden. It was a beautiful moment that lasted so fast. She missed her father. Her friends. Her village.


“Soldiers, gather up!” General Guire called out and all the nightshift soldiers went up to where the general was going to announce some news. “Tomorrow all of you, head with general Mahd to the palace to protect the prince when he’s hunting.”


“ Protect the prince while he’s hunting?” This might be a good chance to visit her village and to see her father again. Maybe she can leave the camp forever? Maybe Caspian can come along with her?


The next morning after her night watch, she ran into Caspian’s tent to wake him up with good news. “Caspian!” She shook his shoulders but he didn’t budge. “Wake up will you?! Rise and shine mister!” Carmen kept bugging him until he turned around and coughing. His face was as pale as a ghost.


Carmen felt Caspians forehead right away and realized that he caught a cold, “You’re sick…” she came to a conclusion and helped him up. Whoever is sick in the camp, will surely die because they don’t get treated and surely has to work as hard as any healthy soldier.


“I’ll get you out of here.” She helped him up and put on his armor. “ We will go protect the prince.” She threw his arms over her shoulder and helped him out of the tent, gathering in a line behind the general who was on a horse. Oh jesus christ...the general is counting the soldiers heads and recording names. Its going to be hard for her to drop him off by her father's house to rest.


They trudged through the woods and pass rural grounds, they even went up the humid hills without water and Carmen could feel like Caspians health is draining; he’s getting weaker and more heavy as she carried him along.


“I don’t think I can last any longer Mundo…” Caspian breathed heavily. His voice was hardly audible.


“Just hold on a sec. We are almost near the village. My father is going to help you.” She brightened with hope trying not to think about anything else.


Once they were all down at the village, the people were making way for the soldier to move through and Carmen could feel Caspians body weighing down on her. Just when he was about to fall, she spotted her house and immediately exited through the crowd.


“Hey! That soldier is running away, mommy!” A kid pointed out and everyone diverted their attention towards Carmen and Caspian who was half dead. She dashed towards her small home and lay Caspian on the bed gently. Her father wasn’t home, but he would help a man in need so she exited out the back door.


“He’s over there!” One of the soldiers yelled out as he ran towards Carmen, “Stop right there!”


A life for a life. Caspian saved me once, and now I saved him, so its even. Don’t think of me too much she smirked and darted towards a huge wall that covered the other side. A tree was beside it, so she climbed up and hopped towards the building. She jumped down and landed on her feet. Man, those soldiers will never catch me. She giggled and stretched her arms in the air.


“This place is huge!” She cried out, looking at the botanical garden. It was a breathtaking sight. Women in long dresses were walking over a bridge giggling amongst themselves when they spotted Carmen aweing at them. Her mouth was wide open and her eyes were propped open. She hasn’t seen women in soo long. It was… an interesting sight even though she is a woman herself. She knew she will never be as pretty as these ones.


“Guard! What are you standing there for?! Go guard the palace gate.” One of the commanders pointed at her and she nodded. She walked towards a random gate but became distracted when she heard the faint flute sound so she followed it instead; instead she came face to face with another huge wall. Carmen had to use her climbing skills again and peeked over.


A beautiful young man was sitting under a cherry blossom tree playing his instrument away. His calm feature made her also calm and forget about where she is right now; on top of a roof; she suddenly slipped, falling down to the ground.


“Who’s there?” Oden looked towards the wall where the noise was coming from.


“Ouch! I hope my back didn’t break yet.”


“Show yourself.” Oden demanded, and Carmen limped towards the nearest building and closed the door. Hiding away from him. It wasn’t her fault that his flute melody was so soothing.


She stood behind the closed door and breathed heavily. There was no one here so she took off her helmet, letting her long wavy brown hair fall to her waist. “Its so hot.”


She looked around and saw that this was a bedroom. It was such an extravagant room because it was soo big and everything was arranged so nicely. She went into the bathing room and took off her clothes. “Maybe I’ll take a shower and leave some pseudos behind for using this room.” It felt like forever since she has fully cleansed herself without having to look over her shoulders to see if there were any guys. It felt good. Once she was finished, she took a towel and rubbed her hair dry with it and threw away her soldier clothes. She raged through the closet to only find mens clothing, but they were all expensive looking. She took one and wore it on. The long sleeve shirt and pants were so big on her, so she took a belt and tightened the shirt around her waist. Then she looked around for some cloth to cover half her face, because she was in girl form now. People would freak out if they saw how ugly a girl can be.


“Prince Seth please prepare to go hunting.” His servant asked of him and Seth nodded. Seth walked to his bedroom and asked his servant to stay out, along with the maid. Inside, he smelt something really good which is weird because he didn’t use this room for awhile. Maybe one of the maid just cleaned it and let behind a fresh smell.


Carmen went to go hide in the closet and closed the mahogany door in front of her slowly but the door just won’t close because it was broken. So it left a crack for her to examine her surroundings. Seth started to take off his top to reveal sculpted abs, like that of an athlete. Carmen was amazed at the sight, the men at her sect in the army had abs too, but they worked hard for it. She didn’t know people in the kingdom also workout. She thought they just sit all day long, eat, discuss politics, sleep, and the cycle recycles itself.


After the man went inside the bathroom, Carmen slowly opened the closet door so it wouldn’t creak and stepped outside. She tip toed to the door halfway and then she felt a heavy hand on her shoulder from behind her. Her heart stopped beating and it felt like the time froze right in front of her. Oh no, I’m dead, she thought.


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