Jet Black Heart

Octavia Hood was a good girl before Calum went away but then he left. She gets sent on tour with her brother suddenly cause of behavior and they are shocked in her sudden change. What will they do to get her old self back? Will old feelings resurface?

-I smirked looking at them, "What can I say I have a jet black heart."-
©Caitlin W.
cover made by lady tatertot


3. She changed...

-before she landed-
-Michaels P.o.v-
"Guys can I speak to you?" I heard Calum walk over to where we were. I paused my video game and looked at him. "What is it?" Ashton asked."Well my mum just called and asked if Octavia could come on tour with us. Mum said that she changed for the worst and that she had her last straw with her." He looked at us.

"Octavia? Are you sure you didn't hear her right? Octavia would never change!" I rolled my eyes and spoke. "I know it was hard for me to believe also!" He threw his hand in the air.Octavia Hood is really nice and is very pretty but she made it clear before when I heard her talking that boys like me are not her type. I frowned at that thought cause I like her.

"Michael are you listening to me?!" Calum waved his hands in front of me. "Yes I am!"I snapped out of it and started to listen. "Now no one dates my sister!" He glared at us being all protective.We all nodded saying that we understand and then we went back to what we are doing.
-at the airport-
-Still Michaels p.o.v-
I'm sitting in this uncomfortable airport chair and it is getting annoying! "How much more longer? I'm missing the comfy chairs in our bus!" I complained.Calum looked at his watch and then smiled,"She should be getting off now." He walked away and we followed behind. We let Calum go the rest of the way since it's his sister.

I couldn't hear what was said but I heard that voice that make my heart skip. Stop she doesn't like you! I looked up and saw Octavia and she did change she looks.... like punk, like me.She looks amazing though! Stop!! "Love your hair." I complimented. She smirked all told me that she likes my hair also. She did change and it isn't the girl that I last knew.

We all talked and ashton joked around with us matching. Couple minutes later she brought out a cigarette and before she could smoke it Luke took it from her.She looked furious! This isn't the girl I know, I kept thinking that over and over.  Calum grabbed her bag and then walked away we all followed and then I wrapped my arm around her calling her pretty.

She shrugged me of then walked away from me saying,"thanks but don't ever touch me again" in a emotionless voice.I felt my heart break again but I knew that she isn't into me. I hung back with Ashton and Luke still thinking about Octavia's change.

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