Jet Black Heart

Octavia Hood was a good girl before Calum went away but then he left. She gets sent on tour with her brother suddenly cause of behavior and they are shocked in her sudden change. What will they do to get her old self back? Will old feelings resurface?

-I smirked looking at them, "What can I say I have a jet black heart."-
©Caitlin W.
cover made by lady tatertot


4. number 1 question

-Octavias P.O.V-

I made my way up to Calum and walked with him. "How you and Brad?" Calum asked looking over at me. "Hopefully terrible since he's rotting away in jail. They got him for mental and physical abuse." I looked down at my wrist that has a cigar butt scar.

He stopped and grabbed my wrist softly, his eyes started to tear up, "He did this to you!" I nodded, "Ya but he's in jail now so." I roughly pulled my wrist from his hand. "I don't even care it just a sign that I can't trust guys." I looked straight at him as I spit throughs words out.

He looked down and dropped the subject. "Your going to like being on tour, seeing different places." He smiled. That is the upside of being on tour, "Ya but I'm going to be around a bunch of boys, bunch of scream mind irritating teenage girls, and stupid photo people." I sighed.

He just shook his head, "why are you like this?" "Like I told my when she asked me this, I grew up deal with it!" I threw my hand up in the air and I heard Luke. "We don't like this version of you though, ya we like you anyway but you were never mean towards us." He looked down.

Like was always the softy of the group. "Well I like this version! The other version was nerdy." I looked behind me and everyone was looking down at the ground was walking. I rolled my eyes and walked with them in complete silence.

We got to the gates and the body guards were there for us, "ready sis?" Calum asked looking at me. I nodded and did what I had to do. I looked all around me and dozens of people were there.

I started to feel everything closing in on me and I suddenly got dizzy. I'm really bad when it comes to small spaces especially like this. All this got to much for me and then before you know it I passed out but someone caught me for I got my skull bashed against the pavement.

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