Jet Black Heart

Octavia Hood was a good girl before Calum went away but then he left. She gets sent on tour with her brother suddenly cause of behavior and they are shocked in her sudden change. What will they do to get her old self back? Will old feelings resurface?

-I smirked looking at them, "What can I say I have a jet black heart."-
©Caitlin W.
cover made by lady tatertot


2. Flight landed

"Flight 183 to England please board now." The lady in the intercom spoke. I drove myself to the airport cause I decided to leave earlier than my original flight.

I didn't want to see mom anymore. I felt tears surface to my eyes but I quickly wiped them away. I gave the women my ticket and went to my seat, "Excuse me." I spoke to the guy that sat in the seat next to me.

"Sorry." He got up then let me through. "Thanks." I mumbled sitting down. "I'm Niall, Niall Horan." The guy introduced his self. Niall was cute, not my type but cute. "I'm Octavia." I shook his hand and then smirked. The plane took off then 5 minutes later Niall fell asleep.

I went into my book bag and got my iPod. I turned on iron maiden then fell asleep myself. I woke up to someone shaking me."Octavia get up its time to go." I opened my eyes and saw the blonde known as Niall. "Ok ok I'm up!!" I growled slightly unhappy.

I do not like to be woken up! I heard Niall chuckle then he left. I popped a piece of mint gum in my mouth and put on my leather jacket on top of my Metallica shirt.

I exited the tunnel thing and claimed my suitcases. "Octavia?" I heard a voice that belongs to my brother. I turned around and smiled wickedly."Hey Calum." "What happened to you hair and what's this that you've been getting in trouble?" He asked frantically. "First off I dyed it to dark purple because brown was boring and me getting in trouble is none of your business." I brushed past him and went over to his band.

"Hey guys." I smiled. "Guys this is Octavia. remember her?" Calum asked looking at them. They all nodded, "love your hair." I looked to my right and saw Michael.I felt my heart skip a beat when I saw him. No stop!! "Thank yours is cool too." I looked at his black hair and smirked. I then felt someone hug me, I looked up and saw luke.

"My my Lucas haven't you gotten tall." I laughed cause he doesn't like it when I call him Lucas. He groaned and then stood by Michael. "You and Michael are matching!!!" Ashton pointed out.I looked at his shirt ad it was Metallica and he was also wearing a leather jacket. I shook my head of any thoughts that we're going to surface and pretended that I had no clue.

"Oh Ya, that's cool." I set my stuff down to take a break and took out a cigarette but soon before I lit it someone took the packet and cigarette out of my hands. I glared at Luke cause he was the one that grabbed them from me,"Why did you do that!"

"Cause they aren't healthy for you!" He argued and threw them all away but made sure that pop spilt all over them so I wouldn't get to get them. "Come on I'll get your bags." Calum offered but took them before I could say anything.

"You look pretty you know." I felt Michael whisper and wrap his arm around me. "Thank but don't touch me." I shoved him off them walk towards the direction Calum is.

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