Jet Black Heart

Octavia Hood was a good girl before Calum went away but then he left. She gets sent on tour with her brother suddenly cause of behavior and they are shocked in her sudden change. What will they do to get her old self back? Will old feelings resurface?

-I smirked looking at them, "What can I say I have a jet black heart."-
©Caitlin W.
cover made by lady tatertot


7. Fear

They came off stage all sweaty, "You guys were awesome!" I laughed. Casey came over and gave me a hug, "No stop! Your Sweaty!" I complained. "Shut it, you love it!" He teased. I laughed at that statement. My brothers and his friends looked at me in awe. "What are you looking at?" I snapped and glared at them.

They shook their heads and went on stage,"Calum!" I yelled causing him to turn around. "What?" He asked. "Good luck." I smiled. "Thanks sis." He smiled back and had fun. "I would love to be famous but, im not talented at all!" I groaned and sat on the cold hard floor of the backstage area.

I listened to my brother and his friends play, by the end of the concert my favorite song had to be Jet Black Heart. Something about it made me love it. "Calum that was awesome! I loved Jet Black Heart!" I smiled halfly. WHY AM I SMILING SO MUCH?! WHY AM I ACTING THIS WAY?! I started acting like this when i met Casey... Casey, thats it!

He would be the one to break down the walls but, i can not have that happen like i said before. "I was hoping that you would say that!" Calum smiled happily and went with the boys into the dressing room. "So, then it was 4!" Nia giggled sitting on the ground facing me and Rena. Miranda sat down with Nia, "You know your not as bad as Calum warned."

My stomach turnned at that thought. "Hahaha, ya." I nervously replied but, they didnt sence it. "I-I got to go." I stuttered leaving the room and getting a cab to the hotel that me and the bands at staying out at the night. I stopped at the store and got some bourbon to hide when ever i need it, luckly i had my fake ID.

I got to the hotel and locked my door with the deadbolt and lock. I sat on the bed and had a sip.  Half a bottle later i heard a knock at the door, "Octavia?" I heard a voice at the other side of the door ask. "What?" I asked getting up and looking through the hole. It was Calum, i openned the door and let him through, Michael came in also.

"You werent there when we came back and i wanted to make sure your ok." He looked at me worried. I sighed and shook my head, "No im not ok! I spent a long time building up these walls to protect myself and they are suddenly getting destroyed! I cant risk getting hurt again!" "What do you mean?" Michael asked confused.

At the same time Calum asked "how?" "I dont know but there are two guys doing it. Casey and... Im not going to say the other one. I-I cant go hang out around him anymore... I cant get hurt." I explained. I planned on staying away from him whenever they are around. Michaels face dropped when i mentioned Casey.

"Casey's a good guy and so is the other person i promise." Calum used his eyes to point at Michael, who was next to him. I slightly nodded causing him to smile. "When are we going to be in a area for more than a day?" I asked. Im hoping soon so i can go practice some boxing. "Next week we are going to be in New York for two days." He answered looking at his phone making sure it was the right date.

"Its getting late, we should go..." Michael sighed. I nodded and they walked out,"Octavia, do what's best for you."  Calum smiled and walked out with Michael.

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