Jet Black Heart

Octavia Hood was a good girl before Calum went away but then he left. She gets sent on tour with her brother suddenly cause of behavior and they are shocked in her sudden change. What will they do to get her old self back? Will old feelings resurface?

-I smirked looking at them, "What can I say I have a jet black heart."-
©Caitlin W.
cover made by lady tatertot


5. Brother, sister bonding time

I opened my eyes and recognized I was in a small room on a couch. "Uggh!" I complained. I looked around and saw Calum get up fast. "Are you okay?" He looked worried. "I'm fine!" I bluntly said. I got up successfully and walked around, I turned around then was engulfed in a hug.

"I missed you sis." "The why did you leave me or even asked for me to go with you?" I asked looking up at him not hugging back. "I really wanted to bring you with us everyone said it was okay but mom! She was so flipping hard-headed about it that I couldn't understand why she wouldn't allow it."

"She always is and probally wont stop." I mumbled. That statement caused him to laugh, I smiled knowing that I made him laugh. He's my brother and I will always care about him no  matter what happens. "There's my little sis's beautiful smile." He smiled even wider. "I missed you so much too." I finally confessed and hugged back.

"You know the boys and I were talking, we all agreed that this new you is someone we don't like compared to the old you. But, we all agreed that we would try and get use to the new you." He admitted. I looked down at my feet and rubbed my wrists. "I like this new version of me, no one picks on me anymore."

"Well now no one will I promise. They would have to go through me before they ever dream of hurting you." He made me look in his eyes and they showed promise. "Im so sorry but, I'm going to stay like this. I finally feel like the person I should be!" I softly said. He was about to reply but, 3 boys walked in.

"Your okay!" Luke yelled and smiled widely. I remember I always use to have a crush on him cause of his kind personality. "Ya, we were lucky that Mikey caught you." Ashton smiled widely. I swear he was smiling like the joker at this point... well than. Michael blushed and nodded, "If I didn't catch you then you would probally be in the hospital so, you were pretty lucky."

"Thanks or whatever." I crossed my arms and rolled my eyes. What I have a reputation to keep! "We have a concert pretty soon." Calum looked at the clock. "Hey violet is out our opening act, they should be here pretty soon." Luke smiled and nudged Michael who was in a daydream state.

He snapped out of it and got ready. I sat there quietly, getting lost in my thoughts. "Octavia?" I saw Luke wave his hands in front of my face. Did I ever tell you that how much I hate it when people do that to me? I was tempted to slap his hands away but I didn't cause I didn't want to make him sad.

I shook my head, "What?" "Do you want to watch us on stage?" Calum asked with pleading eyes. I nodded and walked off with them. Calum is starting to break through this wall I created to protect my heart, so is Luke though. I have to keep that wall up no matter what happens or what I have to do.

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