What Lies Beneath

Don't you ever wonder what your purpose is or why you ended up where you are, or who you are meant to become? What if you had all of the answers, but all of the sudden you had a blank mind were transformed into something else and in a mysterious unknown place?


2. Mysteries of a Shipwreck

What Aquarius saw caused her to want to explore and gave her a feeling of mystery. Seeing a sunken ship deep in the waters, it was falling apart. The ship looked like it had been under the waters for decades, she felt frightened and very curious all at once. Aquarius decided to explore since she had no idea where and why she was there and maybe this could tell her something. She swam up to the ship taking a deep breath until entering afraid of what she might discover and excited about what she might find. With of swift of her tail she was in the ship the ship had a chair, table, even a few cupboards in one section. In another section there was a long couch, a lounge chair, and a coffee table, which Aquarius felt was strange due to the condition the ship was in. There was a door that seemed like something was in it she felt a strong connection that she needed to find out what, but suddenly she heard a swish in the water.

"Whose there?" Aquarius asked frightened. All of the sudden she saw a tail, it was a pretty light blue with lighter blue at the end of her tail. "I just saw you, please just come out!" The girl slowly came to view at the entrance of the ship she had deep dark brown hair and big brown eyes,

"What are you doing in there you are going to get yourself in so much trouble." The other mermaid said quietly gesturing Aquarius out of the ship.

"Why can't I go in here?" Aquarius even more curious asked.

"Who are you?" The girl said wondering why she was so unfamiliar with the rules.

"My name is Aquarius, I have no idea where I came from, who I am, or what Im doing here." Aquarius replied flustered swimming toward her and out of the ship.

"Thats strange, how about I get you back to the town and we can figure that stuff out. You probably just swam into a Obstolus Clorus coral by accident," The mermaid lead her through a dark cave filled with long vines of slimy seaweed brushing against Aquarius' tail.

"Im sorry, but I feel weird following you when I have no idea who you are," Aquarius asked the stranger as she turned around.

"Oh, yeah Im sorry my name is Marina," she said turning back around.

"If we aren't allowed in the ship, what were you doing there?" Aquarius inquired.

"Shhhh..." Marina turned back around and put her finger on her lips and whispered, "I didn't actually go in, I was swimming near there collecting things."

"Ohhh okay, I gotcha," Aquarius giggled, "What do you collect things for?"

"Well, I make potions, and bake things. Oh, and I collect things to decorate my room!" Marina excitedly stated.

"I would never of thought of doing all of those things," Aquarius said wondering how long this cave could possibly be remembering back to falling through the sky.

"Well, haven't you ever gathered before?" Marina asked.

"Um no actually Ive never had a tail before," Aquarius giggled.

"What? What do you mean?" Marina stopped again and turned around this time taking Aquarius by the shoulders pulling her to the side of the cave.

"All I remember is falling through the sky and landing next to the ship. When I looked down I had turned into...um-" Aquarius started.

"A mermaid?" Marina finished Aquarius' sentence.

"Yeah, I have no idea why Im here and I don't remember anything, but my name," Aquarius was getting more worried about it every time she thought about it.

"Thats so weird, okay you know what we're going to do? We are going to sign you up for classes at school, and get you a room since obviously something extremely weird is happening here," Marina suggested.

"Okay, wait before you start-" Aquarius began before they saw a much older mermaid swimming towards them,

"Marina, is this a new transfer?" The other mermaid inquired.

"Um-" Aquarius began.

"Yes, she is Mrs. Wendle she's from Swishburough," Marina thought quickly.

"Oh, well its nice to meet you my name is Mrs. Wendle," Mrs. Wendle introduced herself. Reaching out her hand Aquarius replied,

"Nice to meet you my name is Aquarius," Marina awkwardly high fived Aquarius' hand slapping it out of the way.

"Okay... well I better be going I have a teacher conference before school starts on 1." Mrs. Wendle said swimming off. Waiting for the teacher to be out of sight Marina turned towards Aquarius,

"What was that?!"

"What are you talking about, you were the awkward one! Why did you slap my hand out of the way I was introducing myself!" Aquarius replied as Marina rolled her eyes,

"Okay, I have no idea where you came from-"

"Where who came from?" Another older looking teacher only more stern popped out of no where.

"Oh, Im sorry professor, I was talking about my thoughts they just all seem to come out of no where. ha. ha." Marina awkwardly laughed.

"Hello, my name is Aquarius Im transferring from Swishburough," This time Aquarius did not reach out her hand and the teacher looked her up and down examining her,

"Uh Huh, well I can't see that," The snobby teacher raised her chin and swam off out of the cave.

"Well, she seems to be the favorite teacher," Aquarius stated and they both giggled.

The two of them continued swimming out of the cave finally reaching the end. The exit of the cave had little speckles of light shining through the vines of Seaweed hanging down. They swum through the vines finally reaching the entrance to the town. Marina turned toward Aquarius,

"Okay, some things we need to get done, first of all obviously there is something in that pouch of yours lets hope they are shells," Marina gestured to the sparkly light blue colored pouch, which slung across her chest. The pouch hung on the left side of her light purple sparkly tail. She reached inside feeling the shells,

"You're right there are!" Aquarius replied surprised.

"Okay good because we'll need to sign you up for classes, get you assigned into me and Silenas dorm room, you'll meet her she's super nice," Marina went on and on while Aquarius zoned off getting distracted by all of the beautiful bright colored buildings and all of the mermaids surrounding her.

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