What Lies Beneath

Don't you ever wonder what your purpose is or why you ended up where you are, or who you are meant to become? What if you had all of the answers, but all of the sudden you had a blank mind were transformed into something else and in a mysterious unknown place?


1. Fallen

Have you ever wondered why you are who you are and why you end up where you are?

There is always a series of events that leads to a certain point-- A chain of events that leads to a point in time, but when you discover what these chain of events are, your mind goes blank... or does it?

She was passed out tumbling through the sky, and all of the sudden she woke up. Her name is Aquarius she has no idea where she comes from, and barely any recollection of who she is, just a name. When she awoke she looked around her the baby blue sky and scattered clouds fill the air around her she screams frightened of what has happened. Aquarius stops seeing no use to scream if there is only an end, at least thats what she assumed. She thought of all of the ways this could end, she could reach the ground... if there was one, she could even die without knowing anything, she felt as if her past was in arms reach, but she couldn't catch it. All of the sudden she fell straight down and very fast, at first it felt like concrete, then felt the water cool around her making her feel warm and welcome, like home. As she fell into the water her hair was flowing around and infront of her, her legs bent, and her arms in front of her. As she crashed into the water, bubbles fizzing to the surface millions and millions of little bubbles, they touched her face and her arms and her legs. All of the sudden the bubbles stopped... and she felt weird like she had been transformed into something else. Aquarius looked down at her legs when she tried to move them, but they weren't there any more she had a tail!

"What? Oh my god what is happening to me?!" Aquarius yelled frightened, not realizing that she was still breathing even though she was underwater. "Okay, stay calm this will be okay I just need to get back to... um where did I come from, but more importantly where am I right now?!" For the first time since falling or you could even say "crashing" through the water Aquarius looked around her, seeing nothing, but a sense of calling to her like she was meant to be somewhere.

"Okay, Aquarius you are alone in the water with what looks like you now have a tail so I guess Im a mermaid, okay cool," Aquarius was frightened and alone in an unknown place talking to herself, of course since she couldn't stop talking even if she wanted to. Becoming more scared by the minute Aquarius decided to follow the calling she was sensing. She became a great swimmer very quickly and began to love being a mermaid in the five minuet period it took her to end up in a place like no other...

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